Malaysian Studies.
Finally, bid farewell to all the pain and nuisance of attending this irritating subject every black monday. I’ve learnt. Definately. It just hit me on how much I’ve forgotten my History. Everything for goodness sake. Heck, what’s the bloody purpose of us learning History then? To test our memorising skill and then vomitting out every single facts in our brain. Good education and teaching. It unquestionably bestows our brain cells some work out and at the same time stimulates our reflects so that we are able to think ingeniously and innovatively.

Anyhow, welcome new monday. This ultimately imply that I will have more time for this freshly fashioned blog of mine : Schwarzpunkt. I’m keen of the name. It means black point in German. Well, don’t ask me why. It does not symbolise anything in German too. Just pure and bare black point.

German. My lesson was ok. Today’s theme is Family, Friends, and Celebrations (Famile, Freunde und Feste). Ahmad did a good job presenting our first ever German presentation. He talked about “Young Gods”. This agonized me as I have not prepared. It will be on the 29th November. There are still ample of time for me to muse and mull over.

Family. Mom’s birthday coming soon. I’m trying to save money. RM 60 a week in Damansara is not really adequate. Basically I spent like 10 bucks a day. Most of the time, less than 3 bucks for lunch and more or less 4 bucks for dinner. Not forgetting my Kino-Tag, I must utilize my college days doing what I think is best for me. Watching a movie is the best timeout for me. I could feel the instantaneous effect right after i leave the cinema. Spanking new and pristine. The feeling is great. As if a chaotic and hectic day had elapsed.The Departed. Yes, coming this Wednesday. I will not miss it by hook or crook.

I Miss my Family. Love you all.