“Our dearest former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been admitted to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) after a mild heart attack early Thursday morning.”

He is already 81 years old and I exceedingly hope that he will make it and stay hale and hearty. I’m pretty sure those gossipy people who are against him and his policies will smile blissfully and murmur “Finally, that old man can rest in peace.”

All I can do is to keep him in my little prayers so that he will be in the pink and shut those bloody nincompoops’ mouth up.

There are many varieties and styles of people which drive me nuts. My tolerance of annoyance has seriously increased for the past 3 months which I think taught me masses. I’ve learnt to bear circumstances and situations serenely.

Top 3 outlandish characteristics and personalities:

#1 Unpunctuality.

Situation : Everybody is waiting for one particular princess or prince. He or she will be either combing his or her damned hair or taking his or her own sweet time while the others are heated and gnashing their teeth. And what the heck, don’t they own a bloody watch or clock? It is similarly indicating that my time is more important than yours. At the end, these morons and idiots don’t even have the courteous or sagacity or common sense to apologize for their tardiness.

#2 Loud and Disrespectful.

Situation : In class. Everyone is concentrating in their lessons. They are engrossed and trying to involve what the lecturer is delivering. Abruptly, one idiot will let out a loud guffaw. Cackling and snorting as if he or she has scarcely inhaled some laughing gas. Heck, I’m not saying that we are not supposed to have fun during lessons. You have to be considerate and responsive to the environment. Imagine, the joke is lame and the hilarity is irksome and infuriating. Sometimes, we have to be more attentive and observant to our surrounding.

#3 Heavy Sarcasm and Cynicism.

Situation : Sometimes, it is not wise to shoot your mouth off when one is talking. For instance, when a lecturer is asking A to answer a question, while A is attempting to answer and deliver his idea, B will butt in all of a sudden to correct his so-called slip-up or error even the lecturer hasn’t got an opportunity to rectify his mistake. It is not wrong to be smart or swank occasionally. However, people will get annoyed or feel intimidated. Everyone stands a chance to have their say. Why not wait for your turn and respect other people’s opinion. At least let them to finish their lines.

Next, think before you verbalize your dim-witted sarcasm. It is funny at times to create a lively and bouncy atmosphere but it doesn’t work all the time. People might be offended or insulted. The notion and theory are simple, think of how you want to be treated before how you treat people. Try to place yourself in other person’s position. Give and take is a fair play. Perhaps, you will know how it feels. It’s always better to play with words which lighten and cheer up people’s life instead of endeavoring to find fault with the way they dress, talk or act. Speak for yourself!

It’s again some random thought. I enjoy writing what I feel. You might think I’m sensitive. But heck, I care for people around me. I WILL NOT take things for granted. Even it might seem insignificant to you.

Back to my monotonous life.

Yeah. The Departed was good. One of the shows that I would highly recommend my friends to watch. Well, some said the ending was stupid. It depends on your perceptive insights.

German. Had a kleine Pruefung (small test). Schucks. What I studied were not tested. Sigh. Nevermind. Let bygones be bygones. I will learn my vocabulary by heart now. I was paying too much attention on Grammar. Meine neue partner ist Rahman und Azizul. I will definately miss Raj. He’s such a good nachbar.

Tomorrow is Friday. Ich habe meine Heimat sehr vermisst. Home sweet home.

P/S : Neue Wortschatz

Ausnahme : Exception
ausuben : to practice or carry on
aushandeln : to negotiate

Till then…

God Bless and Good Night!