T.G.I Friday!!!!!

I’ve swiped. I’ve mopped. The air scented with peach and apple. Peachy because “Air Wick Aroma Gel”. Seriously, the scent of white peace somehow has this soothing effect. Schucks. I’m addicted to it and it costs like RM 14. Tak budget langsung. Greenly thanks to Ajak Fabuloso Apple Scent Floor Cleaner. My little space is simply sufficient for me. Cozy and homey.

German. We discussed and compared German and Malaysian education system. One cool thing about the Germans besides their eminence of punctuality is, they are a bunch of imperturbable people. Like other European countries, their children go to kindergarten, of course it is a whole different scenario and picture here where children attend pre-school to learn Mathematics, English, Science, etc and etc. The fact is that they don’t learn in kindergarten akin to us, that’s why it’s called a play school. Most Asian countries sadly to say practice this approach to educate the children. The objective and purpose is unambiguous to prepare children before they go to primary school in order to survive and endure in the competitive environment. Their parents are basically training them to sit for the future examination. The fact that students no longer derive much benefit from school is not contradicting in this case.

“Nicht fuer die Pruefung, fuer das Leben lernen wir!”

IELTS. Our new lecturer is awesome. Bye-bye Mr. Kok! She’s the man now. I’ve been wondering for the past 20 weeks, what have I learnt from him. I have to admit that he is a very knowledgeable person.

First Day of Lesson :

Mr Kok : JPA Scholars? I’m so surprised you all are so ignorant and unaware!!

Us : (Trying to answer his question, normally general questions)

Mr Kok : NOoOOOooOOOooo (His NO is seriously damn exasperating. He has the longest NO I’ve ever heard)

His lessons were boring. He talked and we listened. He talked and talked. We nodded and nodded without listening.

Dedicate this to Raj:

One fine day, our dear Mr. Kok was giving out his handy’s number.

Mr Kok : 012345678. It’s better for you to call me after 8. I’ll be free that time.

Frau Jia Hui : So, sir I will email you the report and you will do the correction, right?

Me : Excuse me, sir. Can you please repeat?

Mr Kok : $#@! 012345678..

1 minute later.

Herr Raj : Sir, sir. Your number please?

Mr Kok : @#$~!#@!#@!@ 012345678…

Herr Raj : Mr Kok.. C-O-C-K right?

Me : Raaaaaaj!!! It’s K-O-K la!!

Herr Raj : OHHHHH!! Sorry sorry..

Mr Kok : (forcefully grinning and smirking)

On the other hand, our new lecturer has this great charisma. I was impressed the way she conducts and deals with our class.

P/S : Portemonnaie actually means purse in German and French. This indicates that, this blog is my purse where I could pour my 2 cents in.