“Fuck You!:”

“You Bloody Mofo!”

“S-O-B!! (Son of Bitch)

“Dick Head!”


“Oh Bugger!!”


‘Sod it!”


“Go jack yourself!”


“Go Fuck Your Mother”


“Kaninabu Choa Cibai!”

“Tiu Lei!”

“Jao Mou Lan!”

“Lan Jiao!”

Etc and etc. I can’t think of anymore. The fact that using offensive language like this seemed to be rude in certain ways. I would definitely be chewed out and berated by my parents if at all they found out. Mind you. They do curse especially when they drive. I’ve got to admit, Malaysian drivers although I don’t drive, the edgy and nerve–racking traffic plus inconsiderate and thoughtless drivers are difficult to put up with. Hence, passengers and victims like us are so often exposed that in the end had become immune to it.


It opens my thinking cap.

How do we define what language is improper nowadays?

Does using vulgarities like this indicate our rudeness or signify our status among our peers?

Or is it just a colloquial or slang in our speech?

Similarly, we tend to use language like “jerk”, “nut”, “nutcase”, “psycho”, “screwball”, “oddball”, “jag”, “butthead”, “drip”, “smart-ass”, “goof”, “scumbag”, “snitch”, “fink”, “folks”, “mole”, “wonk”, “slob”, “freak”, “geek”, “mike”, “punk”, “screwlose”, and etc and etc.

There are some languages we can apply to both listeners, both the older and younger generations. They could accept without feeling affronted. However, it is wise and advisable to maintain two separate vocabularies and grammars, for different audiences. At the end, it depends on the other parties in a conversation. This is not to say I condone rudeness. People react and alter to their surroundings and groups. We adjust in our peers based on how well we mingle and know each other.

It does not denote that we no longer respect our friends. To be rude for me is behaving aggressively and selfishly. They act without condescending to their audiences. Giving your friend a spank on her fanny (mind you, fanny here means buttock) and calling her “SexyArse” portrays the intimacy but not rudeness.

This is a judgment call; one’s man meat is another man’s poison. What is rude to one may be natural to another. In other words, by adjusting our language, we are respecting the values and customs of others. As long as we do not cross the limit and hurt people’s feeling, it’s perfectly fine. Most importantly, we have to be well-mannered and courteous in our actions.

Till then, sod off!!!