Something appealing reported in Focus (Tolong lah, keep it pure), The Star newspaper today. The subject on contamination of our national language has brought up by our Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim. He is despondent that we Malaysians are destroying our own Bahasa Melayu by mixing it with other languages, particularly English.

The funny thing is I couldn’t understand why it has become an issue in the first place. Language for me is just a medium where human use to communicate, converse and be in touch with one another. As long as the message, content and idea are able to convey to the listeners, the purpose of a language is served. Whether you speak ‘Bahasa Rojak’ or not, it doesn’t really matter.

I wholly and utterly see eye to eye with Lim Swee Tin. He is right to voice that as a society we mix freely among the ethnic groups and with foreigners. It is only natural that we will also mix languages when we speak. It’s a natural progression of any language in a society, especially in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic context.

However, it is patently obvious that, we have to know when and where to use formal and not colloquial ‘Bahasa’. To my surprise, there is still one idiot who deliberate and argue that English as the medium of instruction for Science and Mathematics is a wrong move. Hello! Rouse yourself uncle! It is implemented to help your own kind. Lose Bahasa Malaysia completely? There are plenty of subjects we learn in school, not just Science and Mathematics. The mere amendment and modification is done because the verity is that we Malaysians have a minimal command of English. It is instigated because of the demand of labor and employment market. We need English to survive in this competitive environment. In fact, the more languages we know, the better we are in securing a better profession especially mastering languages that hold high economical value.

Speaking of MyKad, boulevard, precinct, Touch ‘N’ Go should be Malaynised for instance lebuh perdana instead of boulevard and Sentuh & Jalan as a substitute for Touch ‘N’ Go. This is always a predicament of Malaysian Government. Why didn’t they ruminate this before they execute the idea of using MyKad and the rest? What’s the use of debating the issue when it’s already employed and put into service? Bloody absurd.

Another nonsensical idea is that mixing language is believed to put our National Language in jeopardy. What’s the problem of using ‘Bahasa rojak’ like this, even my Bahasa teacher like to stress this:

In Class : You know, daughter I ada mata macam I

Announcement : Semua guru, sila berkumpul di meeting room pada pukul 1 tengah hari

Staff room : Cuba try biskut ini, I buat time Raya.

Me : I feel tak puas lah. Ich mochte ins Kino pergi later, mau boh?

Towards the end, realization and moderation are the article of faith during this time of modernity and globalization.

I believe one shall have the freedom of speech and have the right to mix and match however and whatever language they like.

Oh, the authenticity is, I forgot its Malaysia. It’s our cliché to make a mountain out of a molehill.

P/S : Quoted from One Tree Hill, Peyton. It has nothing to do with Identity, pardon me. I find it catchy.

Temptation can be silenced with a ray of hope.