Me = Dense

It feels like crap when you realize words that you have had just pronounced couldn’t be retracted or withdrew. Yes. I’m the idiot. I’m disturbed and distracted through out my lesson after a bloody remark I’d commented on my friend, Kama’s presentation. I was so guilt-ridden and culpable. Imagine saying things like “I don’t like his presentation at all as it is boring and I don’t understand what he had presented” as I was asked to give my opinion. Damn! He’d have felt so mortified and dejected.

Herr Sittner : Michelle, also was denkst du ueber sinen Vortrag?

Me : Ich denke, dass Butterfingers interessiert mich ueberhaupt nicht. Ich habe keine Lust zu hoeren.

I must be out of my mind. Where’s my sensibleness and saneness? I can visualize myself in his position being criticized. Aiks! My repentance had indeed thought me a lesson. I’ve learned to be more contemplative. No more dim statement and judgment.

I still can’t think of any interesting themes to present.

Yeah. Afham was the hero today. He drove 5 of us (Amsyar, Shafiq, Umar, Fizzie and me) all the way to Low Yat. Otherwise, we would have to undergo all the hustle and bustle taking a detestable train. Thank You! It was a sheer bliss going out with them. I’m pretty sure they were quite astonished to witness my ulu sampat side.

Schucks. Knowing that IELTS exam is this coming Wednesday awakens poignant reality. I dislike the intense feeling of it. Well, my childish notion is stimulated.

I Miss.I Love.I Miss.I Love.Family.Friends.

Till then..

Good night..