PMS = Kai Ling.

She’s so going to fry me when she sees this. My inspiration of this post.

Her mood seems to be distressed easily. Just minutes ago, she was cranky, grumpy and grouchy and now she’s hyper and frenzied.

It’s our secret weapon to blame PMS whenever pessimism infuses into our mood. Sometimes, we can go to the extent of condemning the weather although rain is pleasant most of time (Right Kai Ling?). PMS just make no sense. Our emotions are in turmoil and chaos. It cannot be explained.


Hence, as I was exploring and investigating more about PMS, I found this:

PMS can cause “Breast Tenderness”

Bloody, the moment I read that, I was like $%#%^$.

I’m still unconvinced and displeased.

I probed further. I searched for the meaning “tender”. I wanted to know whether it means our breast will turn into some soft, flaccid, mushy, lam pek pek or lembik tek tek.

Dude, it’s important for us to ensure our bosom is at the right shape. Imagine a bosomy lady plus tender breast after PMS. Crap, it will look as if she’s lumbering with two juicy papayas.

After searching for a few websites, where they keep defining tender as :


tender (SOFT)

1 (of meat or vegetables) easy to cut or chew: (Damn, our breast can’t be cut or chewed)

2 describes plants which are easily damaged by cold weather (This worst, breast is not a plant)



3 (used about a part of the body) painful when you touch it (Finally, the real tender! Ouch!!!)

Alas, the truth behind breast tenderness is unveiled. At this point, I’m still considering which case is worst, the mushy tender or painful tender? Aiks. Both occurrences are not any better.

Say NO to PMS. For the future of our ASSET.

Til then, I want to enjoy my tender meal..