One word to sum it all, marvelous! Everything was an absolute breeze.

It started with Azizul’s presentation. Double thumbs up! Über-theme! He’s so creative and managed to deliver his points competently. The topic was ‘How to learn German Effectively’. It drew people’s attention because he showed pictures of ‘us’, his source of inspiration. We were really having good time laughing at our own silly appearance projected. God knows when he captured all those.

Yeah. A good kick-start.

I realized that almost four months of Intensive German and English just passed by. Time flies especially when we are occupied and engaged. In the blink of an eye, 2006 is drawing to an end. These four months thought me heaps. My maturity seems to blossom a notch above. It’s a training ground of my independence.

Living away from family (though five days a week) is not a piece of cake. Things come inconvenient. Most of the time, I’m restricted and confined in my hostel. My meals are fixed, like some factory workers. 11 a.m., bell rings, signal for lunch. 7.30 p.m., message received, “Dinner?”. Bloody tedious. I seriously have no idea why I’m so obsessed with the ‘wan tan mee’ there. Imagine having it four out of five meals. Crap.



Went to pyramid with Raj and Fizzie. Raj drove us there. He’s the hero of the day. Thank You! The main intention there was to get my mum’s birthday present. I was thinking of buying her a OSIM uZap. My spirit was high. (Ala, that green belt won’t cost that much, maximum 400 bucks lah). We walked and walked. Finally, OSIM came into sight, some big health gadgets fair was going on, OTO Health or something was there too. The struggle and battle of both companies is apparent and palpable. They spent like thousands to advertise and push their products. That’s why; I’m not sure whether I’m deceived with all the marketing delusion and deception. After all, which ladies wouldn’t fantasize an hour glass body as they publicized. Or is it plain chimera?

The promoters were attractive. Beautiful and lovely ladies in costume like sonia in the advertisement. High-heels and thick make-up. Sadly, the moment they opened thier mouth, their beauty and attractiveness petered out.


Me : Excuse me, how much is this? (I was all ready to buy)

Osim : Ahh. It’s RM 698 (Heck, it astounded me! 700 for that thing?) But miss, we’re having promotion now. It’s our 10th Anniversary. If you buy now, you can have a RM 100 rebate.

Me : Oh, totally out of my budget. I have RM 400 only. By the way, how effective is this thing? (I so regret asking this question, there go my 5 minutes)

Osim : blaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaa blaaaa laaa laaa blaaaaaaaaa laaa blaaaaaaaaaaa………

Me : Uh huh? Really? I’ll go the other side to require about other brand first. Hopefully, I’ll be right back. Thanks Ya!


Me : Excuse me, how much is this thing?

OTO : RM 750. (Slap my face, more expensive?)

Me : Hua, Uzap costs 600 ONLY. (brainless me)

OTO : (Start comparing Uzap and his almighty-prodigious-OTO-belt)

I spent more than 7 minutes listening to him blabbing and yapping away. He could really test my patience as I wasn’t given a chance to have a word. Now, I realized how much endeavor they go through in hiring and training their promoters. We consumers are paying through the nose to cover their expense.

Lesson learnt: Shut my mouth when it deals with promoters.

Later, we had our dinner at Hartz. They relocated and renovated their shop. A good effort I must say. No comment about the food. Fizzie and Raj had a high time burping away. These two monsters were challenging the permanence of their burps after each other. Fun Fun Fun.

At the end, I came back empty-handed.

To buy or not to buy?

It’s pricey. I think it’s not worthy after all. EXERCISE is a better alternative. Sorry mum, no pressie.

Til then.. Good night!