Friday has always been my favorite day. Love it.

We had our IELTS reading test today. Still have one more to go which is listening. Yeah!

We spent a blissful night together at One Utama. Like what other teenagers normally will do; movie, dinner, kill time. Awesome. I’m blessed to get to know a couple of new friends. A Bulgarian boy, Todor, his name it’s like two doors. Funny, that’s how I remember. Cool. I know two JunXiangs now but the two of them are so different in personalities and character-wise. Seriously, I have never met anyone resemblance to JunXiang, my classmate in my life. As in, he barely talks, in fact, sometimes; people don’t even notice his existence at all. He’s a bloody capable and expert in Science and Mathematics undeniably. I was amazed when he told me his favorite past time is unscrewing electronic things like air-condition, radio, television. He meant the whole component of it.

Casino Royale was first-class though Bond looked old and apparently he’s the youngest 007 agent. The action was powerpacked.

To be honest, I enjoyed our dinner more. That was time where we got to mingle and blend together. We had our dinner at ‘Just Thai’. The food was ‘Oklah’, nothing really extraordinary or special but I enjoy the setting and the ambience there. All in all, it was great.

My lovely siblings and Kohilan came to pick me up. They are bunch of TLC folks, full with tender, love and care. Simply love them.

That’s all for Friday.

Few minutes to Mum’s birthday!

Til then…

Gute Nacht!!