Dad was busy today dealing with our new house in Shah Alam. There is so much to set up before one could settle in. It’s sad to know that we are not living there. He’s let it officially. Maybe one fine day, we can move in. Hopefully. Ahh. (Slap myself..) I love my home now. Shah Alam. Piuk!!

Raj was such sweety today. He fetched me from KTM station to attend a German exhibition in college. Yeah. It was ‘so’ interesting. We managed to gather some valuable information about Germany as we kept bombarding a petite lady with loads of question.

I’ve been doubting my taste-bud recently especially when it comes to Western food. Scrumptious and appetizing food seems to taste conversely to me. It spoils my meal. Hate it. Somehow, I feel discontented and disgruntled as if the ‘ummmppphhhh’ has disappeared.

Cheng Cheng!!!

We bought mum an Ogawa Slimming Belt. They seriously know how to jack the price up to tempt you. Firstly, it’s RM 699. Later, after the promotion it’s RM 599, and then finally it’s RM 499. How deceiving right? RM 100 rebate because currently there is no stock. At the end, you will feel like it’s a whopping sin or misdemeanor if you don’t own it.

OSIM : Slimmer body, Angelic beauty

OGAWA : As Good as it Gets

OTO : Shake, shake, shake, shake off the Flab

(I don’t understand why, all the health devices’ leading brand starts with an “O”. It’s because everything that turns Ahhhhhhhhh into Oooooooooo is “O”. They could have better names such as AWAGO or TOT)

I admire and love my dad even more after today. I’ve made a promise to myself to get him whatever I can afford when I grow up, anything under the sun. Mind you and my mum as well.

He taught me the value of parents in my eyes, the responsibility of children towards their parents. Sometimes, you need not verbal assurance to grasp that. It’s a simple gesture to illustrate or interpret your intention.

Talk is cheap.

I’ve learned.