Relationship = Friendship = Love

How do you define Relationship, Love and Friendship?

(Let’s keep our Family aside first, I’m talking about relationships)

It’s again my random thoughts.

There’s no Love without Friendship and Relationship and at the same time there’s no Relationship without Love and Friendship.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Why is it love in the first place since you don’t even know that person?

In this case, it’s not called LOVE, its mere attraction or plain infatuation.

Heck, it’s bloody normal to have feelings for the opposite sex due to their appealing or gorgeous physical appearance. And that is plain CRUSH.

The two notions are distinct from each other.


You love your friends, don’t you? What if one day you discovered that you feel for him more than a friend?

Feelings are intangible and elusive. It’s indescribable. The perplexity of love is sometimes depressing and disheartening. Simultaneously, you’ll be on cloud nine if the person you adore, loves you back. Love makes the world go round.


And what if you had started the relationship and you found that it is better to remain as friends? Are you going to wait for the relationship to bloom or end it before it flowers? Schucks. Miracles happen in second. I would definitely give it a shot. Initially, you wouldn’t agree if you have no feelings for each other. At times, it’s bloody irrelevant no matter how sensible or logical you are. That’s Love. Bloody unfathomable.

At the same time, are you ready to be committed in a relationship? How far can you go?

Love, Friendship and Relationship needs to be appreciated and cherished. After all, what if tomorrow never comes.

To love someone is nothing, to be loved is something , to love and be loved is everything.

Till then..