I smell like crap now. My hair stinks. My whole body is pervaded with a reek of stale cigarettes. Yes. I’m bloody allergic to the puff. Sorry to say, I dislike smokers at all. But, of course there are exceptional. I give ONLY my family members the benefit of the doubt. Thank God, none of my friends smokes.

Dang. It was just McDonald. It was a typical rainy day where you enjoy listening to the pitter-patter of the rain and feeling the chilliness of the ‘fresh’ air instead of an air-conditioned room. Heck, it was a huge mistake. I ended up inhaling masses of noxious fumes.

And the best part, 7 out of 10 smokers were females. That was what surprised me. What’s wrong with the ladies nowadays? Attractive figure?

Most of them practically sat there gassing for hours. I was pretty sure they were not under some extreme pressure or stress as they could happily cackling and giggling away. It’s their HABIT. Bad habit. They are just addicted.

I spotted two fine and soft spoken ladies. Their itchy hands couldn’t resist, they have to do it. They grabbed and lit it. A packet of 20’s was insufficient. They craved for more. When I thought I could finally gasp in a lungful of fresh air, they returned with more. Two new PALL MALLs and the fagging marathon begun. Bloody nauseating.

Gosh. I couldn’t take it anymore. I could probably die from asthma attack as I’d started to cough and feel sick. Smoking for me is a taboo.

Call me old-fashioned or traditional. I’m NOT used to people smoking around me.

If you’re a smoker, don’t give up giving up smoking.