Happy heart

Tap-tap-tap tap-tap tap tap tap-tap-tap tap-tap tap tap
Yeah, you’ve guess it correctly. It’s Happy Feet.

My friend used to question me, if I ever were to choose to be an animal, what will be my best choice? Without hesitating, I will cry ‘DOLPHIN’. After watching this show, I find that ‘PENGUIN’ is a better pick. I’m not going to tell you why, go figure out yourself.


I was in one of the black moods yesterday. Total crap. I’ve so many things to settle and run through, leaving me to suffer from some bloody anxiety and uneasiness. To make matter worst, I’ve class on Saturday, meaning one more night in hostel. Awesome. I was really in the doldrums. Knowing the fact that two major language exams and one presentation is approaching, it’s seriously bloody distressing. Mind you, I’m not complaining. Mine is nothing compared to those who are facing some oh-so-big-future-determiner-exam. I’m just angry and frustrating at myself of unable to restrain or belief in my own abilities. Bloody insecure.

Two more weeks to go before my course bring to an end. We’ll be doing a two weeks bridging course later and pooooofff it’s holiday. What can I say?


That was yesterday.

I feel like a whole new woman after Happy Feet. Watching a movie is like a medicine to heal all my whatsoever disorders or turmoil instantly. It can kill all my fatigue like a magic wand. Amazing, a simple and effective solution.

Fizzie and I really have many things in common. We share a fairly similar outlook and perspective. We can talk and gossip about everything under the sun. She’s simply outgoing and fun.

I’ve been losing my appetite recently. My tummy gets upset easily and my cravings for food sag.

I need to go back to my palace to meet my emporer and empress desperately. Bloody miss them.

Till then…

Good night!