Presentation was over. Finally. Though it was only 15 minutes, it took me hours (opss, days sorry) to prepare the slides. I’m bloody meticulous. I must make sure what I’m presenting is worth listening. I didn’t mind putting in more effort in it although I knew that it was wiser to study instead of googling for more pictures and wikipedia-ing in the witching hours. Well, personal satisfaction. I’m aware that my German pronunciation still needs a lot of improvement. Thus, more pictures will eventually divert the listeners’ attention and conceal my flaw.

The topic was “Berühmte deutsche Wissenschaftler, Erfinder und Forscher” (Famous German inventors.)

There were lists of stuffs and devices Germans invented. From toothpaste, contact lenses, bicycle, Levi’s jeans, Aspirin, comic strips, mp3 player to Bunsen burner. The list goes on and on. Endless. I’m not trying to endorse or have a campaign on how noble Germans are just because I will (keeping my fingers crossed) be going there; it simply made me realize that there is nothing Malaysians had have ever discovered. Dang. Something ‘ummmpppphhhhhh’ which can cause a bang-bang-boom-boom in the world market. Something that will proudly displayed and exhibited as “Made in Malaysia”, some new invention which can save the humankind and cause revelation to the whole world. Awesome.

*Slap my face

Can this ever happen?

Sending our 2 “astronauts” and who both respectively don’t even own a degree in aeronautical engineering is a bloody big step for mankind. Maybe they are just trying to imply what Neil Armstrong has quoted, one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.

Or this is how far we can go.


Ah Kau : Eh, your jeans gaya siut.. Levi’s ar? Sureli veli mahal. Belapa?
Abu : Alahh… I beli Muthu’s je.
Apukuti : Muthu’s “Made in Malaysia” tau.
Ah Kau : Apa muthu muthu? I talking jeans sklang, bukan puthu mayam.

I can imagine having Jeans named after Muthusamy, it will be Muthu’s or Fatimah as Fat’s or Kok as Kok’s. Damn exclusive.



Ich ging nach Haus und schlief, als ob
Die Engle gewiegt much hatten.
Man ruth in deutschen betten so weich.
Denn das sind federbetten.

It was a bit the embarrassing that I couldn’t recite this verse without referring to the paper. Yes. I was bloody panicky. We went to the Embassy of the Republic of Germany today and our lecturer had prepared us with this poem from Heinrich Heine, apparently the German ambassador’s favorite poet. The nine of us were assigned to present. In fact, the whole class supposed to present initially, but our Herr Yves was such a BUZY man. We made a tour around the office and met our big boss. I enjoyed listening to Yahya’s speech. The way he speaks reminds of Tun Mahathir. As the matter of fact, it wasn’t an astonishment when he revealed that he has been working with all four prime ministers for the past 50 years. Simply eye-opening.

LOLA RENNT has replaced my Kino-Tag this week. It was a German film. We watched it during our lesson yesterday. First German film. Not too bad after all, we could understand. Haha. Subtitles.

Till then…

Nice Day!!

P/S : I want to go Singapore