Keep the Promise

World AIDS Day?

Humans are always faced and confronted with many problems. It’s never ending. It’s a dog eats dog world. Our society is nurtured in such a way that we are able survive and keep pace with the changing phases and times. Everyday without fail, predicaments and dilemmas crop up. You’re coerced into making decisions and judgments even your profound innermost feels reversely.

We can’t help but to wear a tinted glass and be biased against certain people and circumstances. Our skepticism has influence and controls our belief and thinking. Ultimately, dogmatism reigns.

Why we have to live such a way? Prejudiced swelled. Hatred multiplies.

International Day of Disabled People?

How big is the impact to the society? Are we even aware of the people around us? Does it make the disabled or unfortunates better?

I’m confused.