Java Five

Heard of Five?

Yeahhhhhh… Fi5, the pop UK band of five hotties. Alas, the group pulled apart. Their famous “We Will Rock You” undeniably rocks. They were one of my favorite boy bands those days, when Backstreet Boys, N’sync and Westlife were a big hit. Well, some of them are still doing rather all right, just that they are no longer that dashing or alluring to me anymore, in other words, they are getting old and their popularity and fame fades away. Gone were those days where I would hum to myself as I was happily taking my bath or doing my big busi.. homework. It was as though something was really missing if at all I failed to listen to them in let say three days. It was to the extent that even my mom who doesn’t fancy any of their songs knows the tune and could probably sing a couple of lines. That was how frequent I listen to them. The craze and obsession somehow petered out as time goes.


What about Java Five?

I’m pretty sure that none of you have had ever heard of this band. In fact, they are a bunch of aliens to me. And guess what, I went to their so-called mini performance or concert yesterday. They are Germans who flew all the way to Malaysia to present their swing music. Swing music is a form of jazz music; the difference is that swing is without musical instrument. That was what I thought at first, but it turned out that there was a guitarist.

This tiny performance was a result of collaboration between Goethe Institute and Ministry of Art, Culture and Heritage. Since we were invited, we got nothing to lose but heighten our experience. 16 of us including Herr Sittner dabbled in their performance. We were drowned by their droning and tedious melody although the soloist tried to create some lame jokes to entertain us. Nevertheless, vain effort. Herr Sittner was criticizing him as he whispered sarcastically about their performance. Although he’s a German, he’s basically honest and objective when it comes to the reality.

It wasn’t much of the concert but the quality time that we spent together which I enjoyed. And I wore high heels yesterday. Of course, you can’t be expecting me to dress to kill, but I wore skirt. Something worth to be remembered cause I wore a skirt for the first time in 6 months in front of my classmates. Surprised!

The heels were seriously killing. Its bloody 3 inches. Yes. I measured it. And the results, actually no blisters, just that I’m not used to walking 3 inches higher. I’m treasuring and sayang-ing my trainers and flats more than before. Nothing compares to a pair of cozy and secure sneakers, simply effortless.

The drivers of the day were Afham, Rahman and Raj. We’re giving them the credit from the bottom of our hearts. Without you, it was unlikely that we would have so much fun! You made it possible. Thank You.

Later, we went to Kg Baru for supper, it was my first time there. The main purpose was to let Herr Sittner to savor some typical and scrumptious Malay food, plus cheap. He tried some blue sticky rice which according to him appetizing tough the appearance of it seemed on the contrary. Well, I guess he was just being polite after all. I tried something new too, Nasi Kerabu, a Kelantanese dish, recommended by Azizul. Not too bad after all.


German. We are having finals now. We did our speaking test today. I’m quite disappointed, didn’t perform like how expected. I was so nervous. However, I’m thankful it’s over. After Saturday, we’ll be free.

Due to the exam, our class ended early today. I couldn’t study, in fact I didn’t know what to study. Shortly, my friends tempted me to go 1U for bowling. Yeah, after put in much consideration, I gave in. Getting ready, I left my unit. Fine, it must be at this moment I met my girl friends. We chatted a while, they bloody potong my stim. Yes, EXAM = STUDY!!

The guilt-ridden me slowly walked back to room. And guess what? I left my key inside my room. Awesome, God had a plan for me today. He said : Michelle, you needed a break today, chill out and have fun! And, I obeyed Him. There was no turning back, my roommate was not there.

Yeah, we winded up watching a movie as well. De javu.

I hope that all of us can get through our exams!!

Best Wishes!!!