I could feel tears of joy swelling in my eyes as I received my German results slip. My happiness is beyond description. Mind you, I didn’t score perfect 100 or break any world records. It was the sense of satisfaction and exhilaration, the greatest money-can’t-buy-feelings-in-the-world which I’m talking about. Ohhhh, it bloody feels like heaven and paradise welcoming you in ecstasy. I simply love the merry and cheery sensation. Awesome.

Praise the Lord.

We had our last German class today, after five months. In other words, we officially obtained our first ever Carl Duisberg Diplom Deutsch, in junior grade. All 19 of us made it through, we have the right to be proud of ourselves, simply at this moment to glorify and adore our achievement. Congratulations and well done everyone!!!

I’m pretty relieved in fact. One hurdle is down, yet another stumbling block emerging. We’re all raring to face it. Waiting impatiently and fervently to confront the imminence. Our spirit is high. Our determination is strong.

In the midst of battling, we’re also pampered due to our performance. We are going to indulge ourselves in sun, sea and surf. Sounds good isn’t it?


We are going to Sunway Lagoon next Wednesday. CDC is paying the bill. Thumbs up! The paramount is, Herr Sittnerr has promised to bring his new Kadazan girlfriend along. Splendid. It was during our lunch break, when we kept attacking and bombarding him with lots of questions regarding his personal and private stuffs. It was a sheer buzz.

And yes, our holidays have extended into another week. It seems to me that pleasant news keeps coming into view in the past few days. What’s next?

I’m still craving for more.

Oh yes. Christmas. New Year.

My wishing list:

Singapore. Grace. Cousins. Technology devices.

Ipoh. Grandparents. Aunties. Uncles. Cousins. Food. Ice Kacang. Chap Kor Peng.

Redang. Sun. Beach. Sand. Shades. Mat Salleh. Bikinis. Shells. Blue. Tan.

So far, that’s all. I’ll write more when I can think of more.

Good night peeps. Wish us luck!!!