A : Miss… Prada, Gucci, LV, Coach…
B : Leng lui… Sport shoe, Adidas, Nike.. Ngam mou?
C : Siu Jie, Watch.. Lei tai tai…
D : Jersey.. jersey… Chelsea, Arsenal..

Getting familiar with this local scene?

Yes. It is none other than our well-known and famous Petaling Street.

Oh well, I just love the atmosphere and mood there. The sweltering commotion is bloody satisfying. People hurried and hassle in a narrow passageway bargaining over cheaper deals and goods in a scorching hot condition. You can see their faces glistened with beads of perspiration. Not forgetting the masses of pirated DVDs and VCDs. Not to mention the XXX-rated type. Damn syok. Damn puas.

Another thing that you do not want to miss is definitely the food. Gosh. Typical asam laksa, beef noodle, mata kuching, soya milk, tai luk meen, bah kau teng. Cekap.

I Love Malaysia.