Book-smart? Street-smart?

Yes. I’m 18 years old. A matured 18 years old? Nope. Sorry, daddy. You’re right. I’m not. My mentality doesn’t prepare me to face the real world at all. In fact, my visionary world seems to be so perfect that no one plays an evil or nasty role. Heck, I’m so childish. I’ve got so much to learn other than bloody German, Mathematics and Physics but my own kind, Malaysians. Being able or clever in scoring in exam is not intelligent or smart at all. Let me prove to you. I’m plain naïve and my thinking is simple. My world consists of ONLY good people. When bad people encroach or intrudes, I can’t fight back. In other words, I’m weak. I can’t protect myself, no, not yet. I’m not armed not shielded to fight against them still.

Again, I let my parents down. I can’t even look after of my own brother. Book-smart alone is hell not enough. I could have had anticipated the possible catastrophe, but again, the lack of common sense side of me fail to.

My spirit was high. I was eager to spend my lovely Monday with my brother and Edwin as he’s leaving for Italy the next day. Our beloved lady, Kai Ling ditched us last minute. Otherwise, it would be perfect. We finally decided to take our ever-punctual-and-efficient KTM. Filled with optimism this time, I thought things would have change for better but hell I was so wrong. It turned worst, so much worst. It took so much of effort to reach Mid-Valley, the typical if-I-don’t-push-confirm-kalah-attitude of Malaysian not and mentioning the smell (Indonesian, Bangla and Burmese as well) and the unbearable condition of the train was dreadful.

Still, I found my way to indulge myself in my novel all the way until we reached K.L Sentral. It was that moment that I realized how civilized Malaysians are. God, we have definitely reached our full civilization potential. Not only we are skillful at reading signboards (literate, don’t we?), we can even speak out loud. I’m confident that if Malaysians continue to progress in such pace, our country can for sure generate a great number of good public speakers. Why not? We are experts, talking out loud in cell phones. As if the whole world does not know what color your shit is. Good job. Malaysia Boleh!!

Enough of KTM.

Oh, I just can’t describe the beauty in Mid-Valley anymore.

Those happy moments dashed in seconds. I’m heated, angry and frustrated, who cares about the X’mas tree now. I can’t. I’m sorry Santa.

This nincompoop had to spoil it. He or she ended our blissful day with his or her bloody hand. ‘It’ picked my brother’s pocket. His 2-month birthday pressie, a phone is gone.

Maybe I was too greedy.

It seems to me that pleasant news keeps coming into view in the past few days. What’s next?

Good things are meant for short period of time. It won’t last.

I’ve learned.

A bad news just rolled up.

God bless you it!