5 Niagara Falls Flume Rides.

2 Tomahawk.

1 Lost City of Gold.

1 Colorado Splash.

1 Grand Canyon River Rapids.

1 Pirate’s Revenge

1 Apache Pots

2 Mushrooms.

Total = 14 Rides

70 Pictures.

16 Gentlemen.

5 Ladies.

3 Hours.

4 Cars.

Total = Countless Roar of Laughter.

A Myriad of Happiness.

Enormous Thrill.

Bottomless Food and Drinks.

That basically sums it all. Our trip to Lagoon was a success. Although we didn’t have much time for both Wet and Dry Park, we managed to make the most of those rides. No sunburn, the weather was just nice, sprinkle here and there, the cooling effect was awesome.

Herr Sittner’s Freundin is actually our college’s Head of Students’ Service Department, Miss Fraulein George. What a match, they look lovely together. It seems paradoxical to me when these two beautiful souls who are in their mid 30s I met early this year were single. I was fortunate enough to know Fraulein during a visit to the ambassador’s residence for a small musical play last August. It would be so not me if I never probed or asked questions like are you married? Of course I wouldn’t have the guts to ask such question if she’s not affable. She was a workaholic. Bad-timing and according to her, Mr. Right has not arrived on the scene yet. Herr Sittner on the other hand was a bachelor. It works like magic and seeing their intimacy is heartening.

At the same time, a little voice was playing in my mind subconsciously;

A tingle of desire and envy popped up.

Questions and uncertainties cropped up.

When will my destined other half turn up.

What if “he” is a Mat Salleh? Fuhh, gaya. I suka.

German frankturter? Erhmmmm…

What if the guy I love doesn’t love me back?

What if the guy I’m in love with fall for my best girlfriend?

What if I like a Malay guy?

What if I’m homosexual?

Will I be a good-kisser?

Will I be married before 30’s?

Damn, I don’t want to be a spinster.

Will I be sexually attractive?

Will “we” be blessed with children?

Will I be a good mother?

What if my spouse dies before me?

Heck, I don’t want to be widowed.

Bloody absurd, I’m 18 years old and I’m thinking about marriage.

The next thing is will I be still alive the next day?

In no doubt, our Big Daddy has all the answers to my questions above. It is similar to searching a gleam in a dark secluded room.

For sure God has a bigger plan for me, whether I like it or not, He knows what’s best for me.

Maybe it’s time for me to wake up and smell the coffee!!