That is how my new Mathematic lecturer, Mr. Lee Kam Chong, pronounces zero and ‘e’. I can’t restraint myself and snigger every time he does that. I know it’s disrespectful to sneer at lecturer. I’m sorry. On the whole, he’s expert and proficient, experienced and polished. His bears a resemblance to my previous Matematik Tambahan tutor, Sir James Tan. Just that James Tan says zero and not ji-lo.

And the way he wears his pants is funny, it’s a little short as in its length makes his socks visible. Well, we simply have to respect the fashion sense of everyone. As long as the individual finds it comfortable and matches his or her style, who cares whether they are nude or stripped.

My Physics teacher on the other hand is young and pretty, 26 of age, Ms Say, in fact, too young. Her inexperience is proven when she keeps writing notes on the board and expecting us to copy everything. It’s utterly boring. She explains physics by reading the notes on her hand. That makes the lesson so monotonous.

Chemistry taught by Ms Jaclyn. No comment yet, still too early. It is no doubt that she enjoys dismissing the class early. Perhaps, we bored her to death; she has no choice but to send us home.

We enter the second week of our Bridging Course already. My rusted and idle brain is working over-time now. My brain is swamped with facts, figures and formulas at the moment. I’ve been summoning up my strength to recall all my physics, chemistry and mathematics knowledge as best I could. Damn, it’s tiring. I miss German and English now, especially the interactive sections.


Oh yeah, I went to Rock the World 7 with my sis, Kohilan, Jason last Saturday. It never took me by surprise that 90% were Mat Rempits there. We went, albeit knowing the consequences. What’s more we were there last year.

I don’t know what rock music is actually. My definition of rock is NOISY, LOUD, BOISTEROUS and most importantly EARSPILTTING music. We were inundated with screams and grudge music that night. It proved me right, hadn’t change my mind at all. I’ve got to admit some performances were a blast. Jason LO and One Buck Short were the few good ones. At least I could hear what they were singing not just some humdrum bass and drums.

In spite of everything, I enjoyed observing the people there, the way dressed, styled and everything from top-to-toe. Most of them were in sober black shirts. Indeed, 95% were in black, which included me and my sis, really like some black parade going on.

Til then…

Good night!