That’s called boy-tipping…


Those animals in Barnyard are so witty. They are colorful and cheerful, definitely for people like me.


It’s the year end sale again. Our so-called mega sale is actually bloody misleading. Christmas now is all about presents, Xmas tree, Santa Clause and more presents, getting more and more commercialized. In fact, festivals are targeted to draw consumers to pay out. Valentines’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and all sorts of days are all aimed to appreciate and honor our loved ones. However, there are no obvious or apparent ways or guidelines on how we should celebrate it. These special days are meant to acknowledge the individual and cherish moments with them. Whether we should or not to buy them a gift is up to us to decide on.

On the other hand, what about those who have financial constraints? Is not buying or giving them a present shows that we don’t love or care for them? Why we have to measure love by amounting how expensive or receiving how many gifts? Poor people possess no affection or love in this case. Isn’t seeing your loved ones happy is the best gift in our lives? Or we are just preoccupied with materialism?

We love to compete nowadays, everything stretching from our very first strand of hair till the last bite of our toe nails. May it be our profound sense of inner satisfaction such as competing to feel good, confident, intelligent and secured or something more concrete such contending to have a more gorgeous physical appearance by spending more on designers’ clothes, jewelries, luxurious sport cars and beauty-care products. What we gain after that?

Eventually, we will crave for more. It is never enough. And what’s next? Catching our last breath in our deathbed? And what’s left? Pride? Yes, of course, we’ll be in a bigger and more expensive coffin six feet under. Perhaps, made out of gold, stamped “Made in Italy”, Q.C. passed. Awesome. Spend millions on paper replicas. Multi-stories bungalows, maids, Mercedes, Maid, Cruise, Cash, banks, watches, anything you want, name it. Burn it! Enjoy all those luxurious ashes in heaven (if only we’re virtuous in our past life) or hell (sinful bastards).


The more you own, the happier you are. Otherwise, kalah-lah. Society doesn’t accept losers. Is that so?

Then I’m a loser.

Dear Santa,

Would you put all this presents in my Christmas socks; I do not want to be a loser.

Here is my wish-list. Please fulfill all my dreams and wishes. I know it’s too much, but I can wait. Grant me one wish a year will do, till the day I die, hopefully 80 years old, Santa still having plenty of time to materialize my dreams.

I wish and hope everyone owns same skin color, everyone converses in same language, everyone looks pretty and handsome, everyone has the same level of intelligence, everyone earns the same wages, everyone lives in moderation, no rich and poor people, everyone receives education, everyone has the same food on the table, everyone is sensible and thoughtful, everyone is caring and loving, everyone is sincere, everyone is healthy and fit, everyone loves and protects our mother nature, everyone hates war and poverty…………………………………………………………….

Santa, I will continue a new list next year, please appear in my dream tonight if you agree to it. Deal?

Thank You. I love you.