It’s always a bloody problem. I hate it.

Transports problem I’m talking about. It always ended up like this.

“Oh no, you drive. I’m tired today. I played basketball, foosball, football, netball and my own balls.”

“No no, I can’t. My dad doesn’t allow me to drive late at night. You know, girls’ thingy. Girls are blind at night, you see.”

Ten people are going out. Some don’t know how to drive, me in this case. Yes, I don’t know. You have to be dependant on others. Damn, I hate it. And you know what, some bloody screw-lose friends will think that you are USING them. Oh damn, “Friends=Drivers”. If that’s the mentality, petrol is expensive (damn, I forgot, cars consume petrol), picking your friends up means, you have to spend more. At the end, you will bloody face a big loss. Hell, serving others.

And to make the matter worst, some bloody know-how-to-drive-jack-ass would NOT make any efforts to drive at least once in let say 10 outings, NEVER before. Heck, I’m not trying to be calculative. That’s the way it should be. People will get fed up. Give and take is a fair play. If your friends drove for the first outing, then you drive for the second round. Its fair isn’t it? Don’t try to give some lame excuses telling that, oh, my bloody balls is aching because I shaked too much.

And to those who always have to rely on others. Be wise; treat them in return or something. I can’t honestly, I don’t like people to have this feeling that I’m bloody USING them or taking ADVANTAGE on them, like some bloody parasites. It’s a privilege and freedom that you have a car and you know how to drive. To those who can’t, you are the ones that they will really appreciate and feel grateful for. But don’t get the wrong impression that they will bloody use you.


I’ve been hearing this like zillions.

I’m not and I will not do it till I’m like 22 or even older.

Yeah. I’ve been rationalizing this for quite some time. These are not my excuses, but I have my plans and definitely not procrastinating.

#1 I have no sense of direction

#2 I have never successfully started an engine before

#3 I have never maneuvered a vehicle before

#4 I have never stepped on an accelerator or switched a gear before

#5 I just couldn’t imagine myself driving and getting honked and cursed

Yes. I’m that slow. Heck, that’s me. I’m 18, too young to die. I’m not geared up to face the road and put myself at risk yet. The intuition of me meeting a traffic accident haunts me. How retard? I dare to fail but I don’t dare to die, in such a gory way. Kia-si.

Anyway, enough of grumbles, I’m off to celebrate Christmas Eve in 30 minutes.

Have a Merry Christmas people.

May you are blessed and showered with lots of love, peace and joy ahead.

God bless!!