Two weeks break. Awesome.

First three days, task given = babysit.

Lovely, one 5 years old is capable to make you go eccentric and bizarre.

Scene : Taman Rakyat

Sean : Jie jie, why there’s no orang-utan here?

Sean : I have on more energy, I want to graze like cattle.

Sean : I’m tired. I can’t walk anymore. Is there any mango, coconut or banana tree here? I want to pluck and eat them.

He talked and sang like practically non-stop all the way from the bottom to the peak of the bukit. 101 questions rose, leaving me bewildered to answer his questions. He’s not foolish. You have to be sharp-witted to counter his query.

You would be so soaked and saturated with characters like Muck, Roley, Scoop, Dizzy, Spud and Bob and Wendy in Bob the Builder, perhaps you’ll be start singing “Bob the builder, can we fix it? Bob the builder, yes we can!”

He would follow you to sleep and wake you up early in the morning by singing real LOUD like…..

“Are you sleeping, are you sleeping? Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing, DING DONG BELL, DING DONG BELL!!!


“Bangun pagi gosok gigi cuci muka pakai baju minum susu makan roti pergi sekolah senang hati.”

At the end, you were left with no choice but to entertain him.

Another sweetheart is Sharmane. She never throws tantrums or cries although her ko-ko bullies her.

Sadly, it lasted for only two days (in front of us), her true colors portrayed when her parents showed up. How cheeky right? Kids nowadays are unbelievable. They adapt so fast.

Next is “mumm-mumm” for food; you have to find ways to feed them. Gosh, from “Ahhhhhhh…. Open your mouth….” to “Good girl Mane or good boy Sean!”

My favorite thing to do with them is to ‘poom-poom’, take shower. Their cuteness is beyond words.

Finally, something you definitely cannot avoid or escape when it comes to children is ‘nen-nen’, milk.

The last day we had four children at home. Gosh, they clattered around like some wild birds without wings. Unstoppable.

Toys lay messily and chaotically on the floor, from LEGO and Barbie dolls to poker cards and mahjung.

In spite of all these, I still miss their presence after they left, how ironic.

Happy Boxing Day!!