Heck, my eyes stung. Tears welled and dark circles enveloped my eyes along with my disheveled hair fashion my day. Bloody like a zombie walking around. The funniest part, my bloody zombie-like-face shocked my poor mother when she was enthralled and captivated by the way I look as I was still sleeping this morning. I even scared the hell out of myself as I looked at the mirror. Damn, I look as if I had two juicy and delicious punches right on my eyes. I guess, the panda’s genes are slowly crawling and taking its toll on me.

It has been so long since I last read a novel. Damn, it is for sure a thing I miss doing.

Practically the last one I read was 7 months ago. Short stories like in newspaper, chicken soup, scriptures in bible, and articles in magazines or passages in my IELTS handouts are what I read in general which consumes a slighter effort.

Still, my ‘attractive’ appearance is a result of something I’m so proud of.

I finished reading this novel in 24 hours time. The excitement to know what’s coming up next in the story is perpetual. Staying up all night till 8 in the morning and managed to have 5 hours of sleep. The urge and impulse is relentless.

If you’re an avid reader, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about right, Jessica and Kai Ling?

Compared to P/S I Love You, I definitely love this piece more. I just couldn’t stand the heartbreaking and gloomy Holly dealing with the death of Gary and her bouncing back in P/S I Love You. This story is entirely different; I can play myself as Rosie’s character. The story is so genuine and when family, friends, love, marriage, divorce, birth, death, career, dreams etc and etc involve, it spices up and gives you a tangy feeling. I love the fact that Alex is a doctor. Alright, I’m not going to write a whole synopsis of the story. But hell, I love the ending. After all the turbulence and obstacles………….


Yeah. A Night at the Museum rocks!!!!!

Damn, I had never laughed so much. Seriously, I will definitely recommend anyone to watch it. Dearly Yoke King and Jessica were there too. The last show as far I could remember was ‘Da Vinci Code’ with Yoke King and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Jessica. It’s good to catch up. I enjoy movies!!!! Ahhhh talking about ‘Da Vinci Code’… that was utterly a stupid show and I read from newspaper that, it’s the movie of the year. Maybe my brain capacity couldn’t absorb what they were trying to deliver or convey.

Jessica will be turning 15 next year, form three. Be a good girl yeah, Jessica, just don’t listen to Jason and your parents. And this brilliant girl, she managed to figure out what ‘portemonnaie’ actually means. Yes, it pronounces pot-mor-ney in French and German, but it sounds like ‘pot of money’ in English. How creative right? Hence, it’s a pot of 2 cents here.

We’ll be going to Ipoh tomorrow. Excited!!!

Till then, Good Night!!!