Food for Thought

Oh yeah…

Thanks to the earthquake in southern Taiwan, the Internet services are disrupted. I couldn’t feel much of the effects such as bloggers like kinkybluefairy or Lim Kit Siang or whoever because I’m in IPOH now. It feels so good to be home. The homey feeling is unbeatable.

Since New Year is approaching, newspapers have been highlighting the World’s events. Many, as I read through, I can’t help but feel sad and meaningless. I can’t see the whole point of everything, war, terrorism, poverty, disasters, inventions, discoveries and so on. What’s the crux behind the whole thing? Can’t we spell the word P-E-A-C-E? Bloody humans.

Oh yeah…

The crook is death, Saddam Hussien. So, what now? His supporter will place another suicidal boomer in US, Australia, UK? Oh, can’t we learn? What’s the point of learning History?

Sick and tired of hearing all these senseless political issues. Humans are never contented. NEVER. We are a bunch of GREEDY species. No matter how religious and spiritual you may seem. We rationally throw everything that we had learned into waste! We hardly practise what we preach. Talk and talk is what we are best known as.

When we will learn to care more about others and less about us? I’m deeply touched when I watch the Perodua New Year advertisement. It’s 100% true, but what we’re doing now is totally opposite. What we concern about is ourselves, who cares and bothers about OTHER people; sometimes we even abandon our own flesh and blood. That’s how self-centered and selfish our society.

Do something this forthcoming New Year.

Though we can’t help much in financial aspect, we as student can play our role in this society.

Sign a donor card and make your wishes known. Donate your tissue or organ. Some conventional people might give you a big “CHOI-CHOI-TAI-KAH-LAI-SI” or “TOUCH-WOOD TOUCH-WOOD” looks as if you are going to die right after you sign the donor card. Bloody absurd.

Google websites to seek more information on various issues and notify them about your decision instead of goggling which is the best porn websites or friendstering for who’s the best looking chics and hunks. Grow up people. It’s time to act not just sleep.

Sign a petition. Just a click for a change, won’t cause you any loss or harm.

Happy New Year.