Mission accomplished!!!

I’ve read two books written by Cecilia Ahern in these two weeks, it was really worthwhile.

Based on rate I was reading If You Could See Me Now, within three days, this proved that Where Rainbows End is by far a better and more interesting book.

I found something appealing. Her books are available in German too.

P/S I Love You : P/S Ich Liebe Dich (P/S I love You)

Where Rainbows End : Fuer Immer Vielleicht (Perhaps, Forever)

If You Could See Me Now : Zwischen Himmel und Liebe (Between Sky and Love)

It’s been exactly one month, I didn’t converse in German. As a matter of fact, I missed them. Since Herr Sittner is gone, I’m quite reluctant to communicate in German. It’s bloody hard to convey my thoughts because I have to think, think real hard, it’s like stopping me to say something real fast, bloody time consuming. And the conversation won’t flow that well. At times, I enjoy it because I tend to think more before I speak.

I guess I will have no time for another novel for the next 11 months.


Exactly 1 year left, my longest break ending in two days time. I do not want to put any high expectations upon myself. I can’t handle it. German alone is enough to drive me ku-ku.

I do not want to start my new year telling myself to be a better student, to study harder, score higher marks, competing for a damned paper or figure. Bloody abstract. Yes, I know, all these are just an approach to improve or substantiate our ability. Scholars are meant to work freaking extra hard because our education is paid. We’re responsible and accountable not only for our own future, but the Rakyat’s future, because we’re using Rakyat’s money. All these have been drilled into our minds and hearts. Our guiltiness is beyond redemption when we’re unable to perform in an examination. The pressure and burden is so immense, that we strive for perfection. Mind you, I’m not moaning, I learn to accept everything I’ve been destined. Daddy God has a plan for me; He knows what’s best and what’s my purpose and existence.

Instead, I want to spend more time with my family, quality time. I need to grow up and be more mature. I couldn’t afford to give my parents sleepless night worrying about my well-being. There are a lot more for me to experience and stumble on. I need time to grow.


The trip back to Ipoh taught me heaps. From realizing how an awful daughter and how a rotten sister I am to getting lectured by my granny and aunties for my misbehavior. Tears were shed, joy and laughter were shared, and secrets were revealed, a memorable one indeed.

Aunt Andrea shared her opinions on marriage. Men are not trustworthy; the tendency of them in marital or sexual infidelity is too high. Basically, anti-marriage.

Cut cakes and made New Year wishes.

Played “Jim-rum-mi”, something like Mahjong, akin to two decks of poker cards.

Barney, a golden retriever never startled me for the first time. We even played ball fetching. Damned, every time he does that, he reminded me of the T.rex skeletons in “A night at the Museum”.

Yin Leng left for National Service.

Jia Loong divulged about his first kiss with Juliana.


Family is so important. My granny once told that humans categorize people around us like an onion. We are like the core in an onion and we classify our family and friends into the layers enveloping the onion. The layer closest to the core will be our dearest ones, our family. They are the ones we protect and turn to at times of trials and tribulations. They are the ones who would never abandon and desert us. As the layers go further, we include people less significance to us. Many people might argue that, people we often see are those who care about us most and they should be in our priority. I find it contrary sometimes; I would say that people who care and want to know about our well being are those who really care about us. A simple nudge or “Hi” or “How are you”, or “Exam SUCKS” from instant messaging is enough to show that that person cares for you. We do not need to see each other to show that we care. Of course, some might reason they are doing this out of boredom. For me, they are the circle of genuine friends whom I believe I treasure most. That’s the power in this cyber world where everything goes in a click.

However, time and again, we are too carried away grouping our layers of family and friends; we lose the sanity of how being one’s family and friends. More often than not, we forgot that as we judge our family or friends, the same mechanism is done to us. We want to be loved and care but have qualms to show our love and care to other people.

That’s life I guess.

Till then…

Good Night!!!

P/S : Classes resume on Monday. Our holidays are coming to an end.
Thank you everyone who made it an unforgettable one.