It was a hectic week. The feeling back home is super-duper-fantabulous-awesome. The moment I stepped onto the doorstep, the warm and welcoming scent of home-sweet-home steering me in, by far better than “Air Wick White Peach Aroma Therapy” or whatsoever, purely irreplaceable.

Classes recommence after our two weeks break, namely holidays. Maybe due to that, my home-sickness is more apparent this time.

As AUSMAT started, we met our new bunch lecturers and friends. We had our pretty small ice breaking session of our own as we cleverly dodged the orientation. I guess that’s what most new students would do to escape and get away with the so-called interesting games and remarkable social activities. Maybe I’m just too passive here; I just think that youngsters are more into speaking up and getting to know each other personally rather than playing lame games.


Yeah, I think people always look forward to everything in life.

We tend to visualize our future driving a sleek Porsche and owning a lustrous 7-8-9-10-11 Series of BMW or living in a multi-storey bungalow or travelling around the globe or…… and list goes on and on. It’s never ending. We want our parents to experience all the luxurious cruise ships and posh hotels.

We secretly place all those listed above as our target and goal in life. Everyone wants to lead a comfortable and easy life. We want the best in life in general.


Some work like a dog and never reach the top. Some stumble and fall and never bounce back. Some take a shortcut, break the law and wind up in cuts and bruises. Some start off with great enthusiasm and quit halfway.

Some are just too lazy to try. Some are just too gutless to give it a go. Some are afraid of losing even before striving.


When I was in kindergarten, I always think that primary students are much cleverer and bigger than me. Then, when I was a primary student, I envy those secondary students because they seem to have a larger than life brain. I couldn’t wait to put on my new uniform on the first day of school. I was eager to learn and gain more knowledge. When I was studying in Form One, my Form Three friends said that Form One is nothing. Later, finally I was doing my PMR, my Form Five friends again said that Form Three is nothing compared to Form Five. I always feel that I’m behind time, as if I never grow. No matter how hard I try to catch the train, somehow, I’m always left behind. Ultimately, I’m in college now, but my friends are in Uni. Of course now the question that pops up is how University life would be?

It’s not the paper chase I’m referring. It’s life generally. It’s the rule that we always have to play along. We look ahead to what’s installed in the future.

Well again….

That’s life. I’m getting senseless nowadays. Can’t help.