Summer Flings

I’m pretty much saturated nowadays, loaded with tonnes of homework and my poor mind is working like a machine. Everyone is dealing and coping with it. Again, I’m no one to complain. What’s life without challenges and trials?

Sometimes, I couldn’t help but ponder what lays ahead me without all these routine. What can I do? Studying is an easy task, but coping with the stress and worrying about performance and the results of an exam or test is torturing. I seriously hate it. Learning is totally a different matter, which the process is pretty much enjoyable, I doubt anyone would admit that he or she has learned enough, we somehow thirst and yearn for more knowledge and it’s like a never ending journey, but learning to sit for an exam is utterly despicable.

Is there any other way to test our understanding in a subject other than written exam?

I must say that Chinese are the most stupid people on Earth. They are the idiots who came up with public exam long long ago…

Without Chinese, there would be no exam. Ohhh, I bloody overlook, I’m Chinese.

Chinese are a bunch of KIASU people and that includes me, Ohhh damn, Why?

Chinese are just greedy, stingy, selfish, and meticulous and….. There are so much more, mind you generally.

It’s in our blood or what? Genes, bad genes…

Blame our forefathers.

Ohhh wait… Chinese are hard workers.

I’m soooooo not proud being a Chinese.

But, I’m darn proud of my parents’ creation.

I’m proud to be these two beautiful souls’ daughter.

Given a choice, I’m insisting to be a Chinese because of my parents.

They are the best I could ever get. I’m blessed to be their daughter.