I have a lot in mind but…

Okay, to begin with, I bloody sprained my ankle again, same ankle. Damn, I guess my body mass is just too great, couldn’t even balance myself while going down the stairs, like a humpty dumpty. Crap, thank God I’m not on crutches this time.


On Thursday night, I came to a wrong decision on informing my parents that I’m going out to a musical event. Well, at first I thought that my parents should be aware of my whereabouts and telling them was just being honest. Alright, it was a last minute arrangement and planning; I wasn’t asking for permission but notifying them instead. Unlike the previous outings, I would let them know in advance. Sometimes, telling a white lie is indeed a better option.

While I was enjoying myself and drown into the music, deep inside me, I knew that my parents were worrying.

There are no exceptional, all parents behave the same way. Their children are forever children in their mind.

I was at Laundrybar with another six friends, alright two new friends. Heck, it was for Furniture I went there. One of my favorite local bands thanks to Kohilan. There were three bands altogether, Lied, Citizen of Ice cream (a pretty catchy name), and Furniture. Knowing the fact that it was held in a bar agitated them more. Gosh, if everything goes well, I’ll be off to Germany next year, are they going to flap around all the time? Maybe, it’s merely me, because of the things that I’ve done couldn’t assure them.


To me, liquor, beer, vodka, wine is a beverage. People drink to go with different occasions for instance, celebrations, weddings, and anniversaries. With or without them don’t cause any significant difference, if it’s available, why not? If I would to fork out money for that, I guess that isn’t my cup of tea.

With family, especially my grandpa, a pint of beer or a glass of wine or anything which contains alcohol at night according to him would put him into deep sleep. It acts as if to enhance blood circulation.

As for me, I still do not know how to appreciate all these beverages. It’s bitter. As for wine, i rather drink Ribena.

However, I would like to give cocktail a shot.

Gin and vodka are by far my favorite. Those which I think have a strong aroma, something akin to perfume.

Now my doubt is, it is necessary to consume alcohol when I’m away from my family?

Of course, it is safe?

I would pretty like to conclude it with what kind of outings and people I’m with.

Clubbing scene is totally out of the picture. Therefore, getting tipsy is definitely not a priority.


A : Drink-lah. You scared ah? You left your two balls at home ah? (The oh-so-common phrase people used to provoke your guts)

B : Aiya, you never drink before, must try. (Why? once tried, would fly is it?)

C : I always drink one. I biasa d. (So? I biasa eat shit, you wanna eat too?)

In this case, there’s no point of taking A, B or C into account. If your choice is no, it’s NO. Is it so important to prove to this bunch of pathetic A, B or C whether or not you hide your balls? If they are your good friends, utterly tragedy, they are the ones who are supposed to respect your decisions and not butting in with these sorts of statements.

I’m conventional though I’m only 18. I like cozy environment with a pleasant ambience and setting, a warm and preferably smoke-free area without blaring loud and heart thumping techno where you have to shout your head off to have a normal conversation. Just sit back and enjoy a drink and chill out. That would be an awesome combination.

As I was tempted to drink to appear gaya-ness among the crowd, I managed to resist the persuasion. It was so not crucial. Whether or not I drink esprit instead of beer is completely my pick. We still can cheer and talk. In fact, I’m not prone to beery breath.

I can ONLY sense and put up with the sexiness of my grandpa’s, dad’s and uncles’ beery breath.

Oh yeah… I’m so into frequency canon’s guitarist or bassist. Uber gaya!

Wish I could play drums all over again.


Shout Outs:


A younger-than-me-two-days-macho-who-owns-a-blog-named-Averdim

You surprised me!!! Seeing my name popped up on my screen in your blog, errrr… amazed!

69 for Brian

77 for me

79 for you

84 for Hau Wei

More days left for us before turning to 19, age is just a matter of figure; we are young at hearts and minds.


Thanks for your effort on you-know-what-i-mean!!!


CUTE? Alright, I know a bit retard!! I will try to polish it!!
I watched the first half, Liverpool won!!! One more reason to celebrate!!!!

Best Wishes to all of you!!!!

I’ll keep you people in my prayers!!!