I do

I discovered something quite interesting today, okay, I admit that I’m ignorant since I’m a Malaysian but still better late than never right?

I’m told that it is not necessary for non-Muslims to convert to Muslim if we were to marry a Muslim. How great! One of my Muslim friends’ boyfriend is actually a Chinese. How sweet right? Or shall I say how rare? People are typically biased towards mix-marriage. It has always been seen that people of your own skin color should or MUST walk down the aisle with those matching yours. It is so predictable. Oh Aunty Khor’s daughter is marrying Sei Luk Kau… Uncle Tam’s son is tying the knot with Ham Kah Ling…

Wouldn’t it be like a boom, let say Sebastian Maximus a/l Benjamin Muthusamy (the a/l thingy spoils the gempak name ler… just to indicate he’s an Indian lah) marrying Natalie Samantha Lee?

Life is more colorful with more variation and your future creation too.

However, most couples call the relationship a halt when they are unable to bear or go through with all the commotion from their family disproval and objection like those in classic Hindi and Tamil movies.

Some people are just too tired to endure with all these. Fighting in the name of LOVE!! Sounds dignified but how many people would actually work it out in reality. Forget about those in movies.

Only minority which I really admire.

Does it really matter what color that person who you’re going to pronounce ‘I do’ to be different from you?

Why parents and society like to make fuss about the religion or whatsoever customs or tradition him or her practices?

Yes, you’re going to marry to the entire family and not your husband alone.

Therefore, think carefully.

What I’m aware is that…

We should always keep our options wide in dealing with our everyday’s life, be in choosing our career, education, food, clothes, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or even husbands and wives?

We are given choices…