Happy belated Valentines’ Day!!!

Happy jolly merry Chinese New Year!!!!

Welcome to the Year of Boar!!!


Today is the 8th day of Chinese New Year, (Cho-Pat) which means we’re half way through this festive celebration and when the clock strikes 12 tonight, we can blissfully enjoy the firework display and the thunderous roar of fire crackers. “Pai Tin Kong” is what I’m talking about. Though my family doesn’t celebration this auspicious day, having living in Klang, the land full of Hokkien for so many years, how can we not know this day?

Tin Kong Ye-Ye,

Bless our Klang town overflow with an abundant supply of boar so we could never get enough of Bak Kut Teh!!!


Chinese New Year…

Four cheery days in Ipoh were more than enough to fulfill this family fest, loads of laughter, chatter and not forgetting food and drinks. It is so worth it though I gain a few kilos… a few tonnes…

It would be perfect if Uncle Willy and Family were there too. It has been six freaking long years; they left and never come back.

May our beautiful wishes are granted and blessed with everlasting joy and love!!!

God bless you to bless others!!!


I had watched relatively many hours of movies and drama this week, to be exact, two movies and three episodes of One Tree Hill. It was something I would say pretty worthwhile sitting in front of the idiot box wandering about. Oh well… time-consuming-futile-entertainment during moments like this, where we are given masses of so called ‘essential’ drudgeries to be completed is always something imprudent.

No no no…

I’m not saying that watching movies and drama is a bad thing.

In fact, time for hobbies or leisure activities is spent

…when you’re not WORKING.

…when your body signals that you need a break.

…when your saturated mind hints that you can’t absorb anymore.

…when your soul tells you that you’re exhausted.

All of these trigger me…

Through movies and drama, you can see so many different things in lives. It may be in our society, in other countries, among our peers or certain targeted group of working people.

They portray the “REALITY” which I believe true in some sense although sure enough without some pepper and spice sprinkled here and there, it wouldn’t be tantalizing to savor.

Grey’s Anatomy, Dr House, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives are some of the drama series which I enjoy.

One thing for sure is that the whole package is not perfect without the people you’re relishing with.

Fizzie never failed me once..

Oklah, one small kuci-rat exception…

The Holiday

I could immediate sense the difference without her.

Great company is hard to find, be it family or friends…

I’ve figured that it’s the moment that we spent counts, not the duration of the show.

Big day

We were given a topic to write in German.

The title was “My Birthday”

As I was thinking, BIRTHDAY…

A big word, a big importance…???

How I celebrated it normally?

Is it a really special day?

Is Birthday all about birthday cakes, parties, and getting one year older…?

Or Birthday is all about presents?

Is it the more you receive signifies a better person you are?

Or is it the more expensive the presents you are given, the happier you are?

Birthday is a day where we are reminded to gratify our beloved MOTHERS who brought us in to this world.

It is not about us being treated as a prince or princess on this day but to honor and thank our parents of our existence.

It is a celebration to reminisce a bundle of joy was born on this day every year.

Present a bouquet of flowers to our mother on this day instead of expecting to receive a gift.

That’s the true meaning that lies beneath the big word!



My sister was having a sleepover at my place yesterday. It was late after our night out with…

Ok, I must say, I’m so grateful to these people…

They kept their promise…

Especially Kohilan!!! Thank You…

Wayne, Yee Sheng, Xi Roa, Jason and not forgetting my sister at Laundry.

Both of us were sleeping on a single bed…

After some photo taking session, lights were off, all ready to sleep…

She suddenly started giggling and couldn’t stop.

I was in dazed.

Khhooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………. Ghooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………..



Me : Why are you laughing? Never hear people snore before??

She was still laughing….

She (while laughing) : I thought……. it’s a sound of…….. motor, but it’s …….getting louder and louder!!! (hahahahahah-ing away)

Me : …………………………………………………………………………………….

I couldn’t help this time; I burst out in laughter too…

Maybe I’m inured to the snore already.

She’s my roommate.

She had a culture shock!!


I, Michelle Kwa hereby declare that I’m NOT going to buy any diamonds in the future thanks to the movie blood diamond. I’m really glad that I’m exposed to these diamond-trading scenarios which are directly contributing to war and human rights abuses. It’s a really bloody and cursed stone. So many people’s blood and lives are shed just to prove our significance, status and reputation in the society, our GREEDINESS. This luminous thing is undeniably magnificent however to that extent; it’s simply too agonizing and intolerable.

Remember 101 Dalmation? What about Free Willy? Alright, a recent one, Open Season?

What do they have in common?

Not stones, crystals, gold, platinum or rocks we are talking about, but lives, animal lives. Real living creatures like us. We own the same five living processes, growth, reproduction, movement, nutrition and sensitivity. Once we are being able to perform all of these is what makes things living organisms. Of course, we need to sacrifice other living things for survival. That’s why we have food chains and goes on and yada yada yada…

But not to degree of extinction!!!

That’s plain murdering and exploitation.

We are going against the nature and that’s so wrong.

This applies to all sorts of products from food, clothes, and cosmetics to accessories. Ivory, shark fin soup, turtles, lanolin, blubber, fur farming are total brutality. These animals are dying out. They are endangered, hunted, killed and skinned mercilessly.

Most of the time, we’re infuriated as shark fin soup is still served in Chinese wedding dinner although people are educated and aware of these issues nowadays.

When buying stops, killing stops too; it’s just another cliché.

Oh, who cares about that oh-so-umph-celebrity giving oh-so-important-message on oh-so-vanishing- tiger-elephant-sharks-and-so-on? I just want to enjoy my oh-so-bloody-meal which later transforms into an oh-so-aromatic-shit.


Rotten day.

Opss… No no…

Rotten ME.

Alright, let’s put it in this way, I could never learn my lesson.

Yes. You could have guessed what the next line is.


Heck, what is wrong with me?

The next day right after the towel incident, I left for college without my damn keys. And to make the matter worst, while busy digging and searching for those damn keys which I thought I left it in someplace, and it turned out to be sticking out of a bloody padlock of my wardrobe at the end, I actually dropped my WALLET!!!

And the funny part was it took so long for me to become aware of it!!!

It was during critical moments like this, my bloody handy was in SILENT mode though I was not attending any lectures!!! The whole point is, a “generous” unknown man who “accidentally” picked my wallet was trying to reach me and intended to return it to me. It was all too late when I started to panic and looking high and low for it.

So far, I’m not sure whether this ‘generous’ man will give it back to me as he has promised.

I just sucked at it!!! I wasn’t composed and couldn’t keep my coolness. My dad did. They talked. I freaked out. Schucks.

Wait a minute, or maybe it was the M day. Azizul’s wallet went missing and Afham’s laptop was stolen too. On the same bloody day!!!