Big day

We were given a topic to write in German.

The title was “My Birthday”

As I was thinking, BIRTHDAY…

A big word, a big importance…???

How I celebrated it normally?

Is it a really special day?

Is Birthday all about birthday cakes, parties, and getting one year older…?

Or Birthday is all about presents?

Is it the more you receive signifies a better person you are?

Or is it the more expensive the presents you are given, the happier you are?

Birthday is a day where we are reminded to gratify our beloved MOTHERS who brought us in to this world.

It is not about us being treated as a prince or princess on this day but to honor and thank our parents of our existence.

It is a celebration to reminisce a bundle of joy was born on this day every year.

Present a bouquet of flowers to our mother on this day instead of expecting to receive a gift.

That’s the true meaning that lies beneath the big word!