I had watched relatively many hours of movies and drama this week, to be exact, two movies and three episodes of One Tree Hill. It was something I would say pretty worthwhile sitting in front of the idiot box wandering about. Oh well… time-consuming-futile-entertainment during moments like this, where we are given masses of so called ‘essential’ drudgeries to be completed is always something imprudent.

No no no…

I’m not saying that watching movies and drama is a bad thing.

In fact, time for hobbies or leisure activities is spent

…when you’re not WORKING.

…when your body signals that you need a break.

…when your saturated mind hints that you can’t absorb anymore.

…when your soul tells you that you’re exhausted.

All of these trigger me…

Through movies and drama, you can see so many different things in lives. It may be in our society, in other countries, among our peers or certain targeted group of working people.

They portray the “REALITY” which I believe true in some sense although sure enough without some pepper and spice sprinkled here and there, it wouldn’t be tantalizing to savor.

Grey’s Anatomy, Dr House, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives are some of the drama series which I enjoy.

One thing for sure is that the whole package is not perfect without the people you’re relishing with.

Fizzie never failed me once..

Oklah, one small kuci-rat exception…

The Holiday

I could immediate sense the difference without her.

Great company is hard to find, be it family or friends…

I’ve figured that it’s the moment that we spent counts, not the duration of the show.