Daniel Wu is…

…bloody HOT!!!

We can’t actually blame those green-eyed guys who think that he’s NOT just because they don’t possess such “GAYa-ness” in them.

His voice is bloody stimulating, like those who are having blocked-nose, darn soggy and moist.


Protégé is a freaking good show. Seriously, just like Blood Diamond, instead of smuggling diamond, its drugs this time. Dang, it really gives us the insight into the drugs trading and syndicate. Double thumbs up to Derek Yee, the director of the movie.

Say “NO” to DRUGS people, not for the sake of pleasure of course. There is nothing more stupid than taking drugs. Watch the movie and see for yourself.


SPM results will be out soon. May all candidates could reap a tremendous and deserving reward. Best wishes to all of you.