Kevin de Cock

It is proven that men without Praeputium (foreskin) endure a lower risk of HIV infection. Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) has been doing several researches and campaigns to promote circumcision in New York with the aim to reduce and lessen the spread of HIV through sexual transmitted disease, namely, AIDS.

Kevin de Cock, the direction of AIDS program from World Health Organization noted “Circumcision is not a miracle cure but a vital prospect for the protection”

Sounds interesting?

Frau Tan : You can’t do your presentation today.

Me : ????????? (Completely shattered)

Frau Tan : Your topic is a prank!!

Me : (Stunned) But…. I took from Spiegel Online (German Online Newspaper)

Frau Tan : How could one possibly name Kevin de Cock?

Me : ?????? (Why not?)

Frau Tan : Cock is penis. It is similar when I call a girl Vagina.

Me : (heck, they are people who named Dick or at least Virginia) But…..I’ve prepared teacher….

Frau Tan : I’m not going to allow to touch on this sensitive topic in the class. Not during our German lesson. I’m worried about you. Your classmates will burst out in laughter. They are all hot-blooded 17 year-old (Actually 19, she thought we are 17) boys. (Heck, as if they will be aroused listening to the WHO report on why men should be circumcised). They will all remember you as the girl who stands in front of the class talking about penis!! (I couldn’t take it anymore, tears were swelling in my eyes)

Me : I thought it was about AIDS and the spread of HIV. My intention was to share this piece information to the class.

Frau Tan : I think this is an APRIL FOOL’S joke.

Me : (It gave a me jolt. This is the bloody date this article was published)!!!!!!!!


Having assuming and believing that this article was published on the 1st of April, I blamed my silliness for choosing the wrong topic to discuss. I kept reasoning with myself on why I’ve decided on this specific topic.

Am I wrong to talk to about circumcision because I am girl?

Penis is just like other part of the body? What is so peculiar?

How funny circumcision could be?

How can a newspaper report turn to a joke at the end?

Why does April fool’s exist?

Why wouldn’t a person name Cock?

Is Kevin de Cock the person to blame?

We have discussed about football, football and F1 and F1. Why can’t penis for once?

We want information on happening issues.

Isn’t the learning outcome and the information that we gain are more important?

I shouldn’t have had email (correct) the report the night before the presentation in the first place, since my dumbness and carelessness was beyond help that I sent it to the incorrect email address all the while.

Or the best part was, according to her, all the European newspaper tends to publish faulty and prank reports on this special “APRIL’S FOOL day”

I’ve accepted it, (I thought) as this is a joke, she has the right not to let me presenting it. In fact, we are told to present ANY happening issues, anything. Circumcision is anything but joke is not happening issue. So, I’ve concluded, she’s right and I’m wrong.

But why stop making me to believe the way I’ve accepted it to be.

I thought this could be the most memorable April fool’s Day. Bizarre experience, extreme emotions and it definitely got my adrenalin going.


The BLOODY TRUTH is the BLOODY article was published on the 8th of APRIL!!!!

It has nothing to do with the so-called APRIL FOOL’s.


P/S : Should I confront her again so she could give it a second thought of letting me to present the same topic? Or should I just swallow it and proceed to the next topic?