Liverpool never fails to disappoint me every time I watch them play. It’s been like exceeding long ever since I really watched a match, the entire match. Yeah, positively the World Cup’s final as far as I could remember was the last match I watched. That match was also another disappointing one. Whichever team I’d supported, it always ended up losing. Damn potong stim.

I would be all hyped up and kan-cheongly anticipating the game. After one goal from the opponent, a little patah semangat, never mind still could convince and persuade myself, well it’s just the beginning of the match. Sadly most of the time, it turns out reversely. Maybe my sway-ness was the blame of the team losing. That’s how my brother accuses me every time I watch with him. Lousy brother, to the extent of asking me to hide in the room.

Good Morning Liverpool!!!!!!!!