Fishy Friends

Fizzie inspired me to write this.

I can’t put up with them anymore.

Enough is enough.

People around me seem to behave bizarrely. In a correct manner, they are acting selfishly.

Oh, not one or two but many. It’s always not too late to see their true colors. Or shall I blame human nature. People are self-centered. We only care about ourselves. Who cares about other people’s feelings? Who cares whoever is hurt whenever razor-sharp and stabbing words are uttered? Who cares to be discerning and insightful? Who cares whatever he or she does affect another person? Who cares about other people’s well being? Who cares anyway?

Let me shed the light.

It’s a about ME, MYSELF and I nowadays.

I’ll do whatever it takes to be the BEST. As long as I got the BEST, I’M the BEST!

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there”. That’s what my dad is trying to instill in me since I was young and even now. I had never much believe in this. I used to convince myself that my old man was wrong, it was just the people he met were the corrupted and evil bunch. I was sure enough that my companions and buddies were the crème de la crème. Well, at least for me. And heck, the naïve me once again proved me wrong. I’m overwhelmed with self-delusion.

We choose our friends. Whenever we sense or notice someone’s fault and flaw, our subconscious mind immediately signals us to avoid and ignore.

Maybe it’s just me.

Let’s face it, people enjoy USING one another. We are no long in a “lend a hand” society. It’s not something that we would be grateful for. It’s interesting to note that once you are not usable, you are absolutely forgotten. People just leave and seek for another prey.

That spells LIFE.

Good Night people!