Sticks and stones may break my bones


My mood of writing seems to soar when I’m in the midst of perplexities and stressful situations (at least for now). I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s a good way for me to gulp down my rage and fury. Writing is somehow expressing when you can’t find anybody to grumble about. And heck, it works, especially when you are losing your head, though sure enough this bloody screen will not respond or react. Indeed writing in a tranquility space is like a sanctuary where it can instantly give you a mood uplift. Precisely, a safe haven where you know you’ll feel calmer. You would reflect and find ways to compose your thoughts.

I’m not so much of an expressive person; I’m not good in pouring out my feelings, in words. Of course, I can’t deny that I’m a chatter box at times, but when it comes to serious affair, it’s tough for me to voice out my displeasure and annoyance, plus even if I do, I would end up stirring up troubles. That’s what I’m capable of.

I suppose that actions matter the most to me. It’s easier to find genuine person through their actions and not by words. Hypocritical compliment is despicable, what more insincere gesture. I don’t buy them. Say what you mean and stop being a two-faced monster. It’s disgusting.

Yes. I’m meticulous. I highly appreciate and value people who at least have had the courtesy to use the magic words. In fact, I LOVE them. It’s simple but yet people are just too ignorant or boorish for that.

Here I’m busy yackking about all these insignificant things, yet in 4 months time we’ll be saying “Hallo Deutschland” and “Auf Wiedersehen Malaysia”. At last the imminent voyage is attained. Smooth and shinning, how I wish.

That’s my ramblings of the day.

Good day people!

P/S : J, Thanks a bunch. After all, I’ve learnt that words are just words; they mean nothing unless you allow them to.