I Promise

RM 80++

1 MyKad = RM 100

2 College Student ID Cards

1 International Student ID card

1 MPH Readers’ Card

1 Photocopy Top-Up Card = RM 11++, + RM 20 deposit

1 Starbucks Voucher = RM15++

1 Esprit Purse = RM 99.90

Total lost = RM 326++

You would have had guessed it. I bloody LOST my purse again. Heck, for the bloody 3rd time. Darn, I’m hell of a absent-minded person and I’m beyond helped.

I’m so sorry my dear parents; your sloppy daughter has learnt her lesson for sure. I promise. I will NOT lose, leave, or misplace anything at anywhere anymore. You mark my words and have faith in me please. I know I’d failed you many times, but this would be the last time. I promise that I will not be lackadaisical. I promise that you won’t be receiving calls from me distressing you about my well-being.