Glamorous : Part One

How do we define glamorous?

‘Tak Glama lah!’

‘Tak Vogue tuh!’

It’s merely on our appearance?

C’mon admit it, try entering a slightly more exclusive and posh departmental store or even restaurant shabbily. Those self-claimed-richer-and-smarter-than-you-namely-just-stand-there-with-their-mouth-wide-open staff wouldn’t even want to clap eyes on you. In fact, buried in they are so afraid that you would beg for money from them. Those scornful looks are as if you’re thief. Who cares if you want to try a size 8, nobody would have time serving a broke and deprived customer, plain waste of time. Or some Chinese may bark “You bloody Wan-Kat ah!!!” aloud. The old saying judge a book by its cover no longer applies in our society nowadays. You’ve got to dress to kill.

It’s a social status. Akin to collecting merit stars in school.

Say we are meeting a bunch of new friends, A and B are some of them.

Firstly, we stare at them from top to toe.

Girls : It comes with a huge bear hug and a sweet peck on the cheek. And here start our casual routine.

Guys : Yo macha, and so on…

Observation A

Outing 1 : Tick (one star)

Comment : CK Jeans, Gucci Handbag

Outing 2 : Tick (two star)

Comment : Armani Watch, DKNY Shades

Conclusion : Rich, Stylish, Hot, High-Maintenance, Happening

Observation B

Outing 1 : nil

Comment : Pasar malam flip flop (Cheap skate)

Outing 2 : nil

Comment : decent but old fashion

Conclusion : Poor, Boring

After all, who wants to be B?

That’s how our mind works. Priority – Appearance.

How many lists have you secretly register in your mind?

Well, allow me to be shallow.

Good Day!

PS: Finals starting tomorrow. Can’t wait for this exam fever to be over.

Good Luck and Best Wishes everyone!