Glamorous : Part Two

Are we all too blinded by all these material needs?

In this so-called globalization era, where people live-good, eat-good, look-good, where nothing is no good, where are those people who are the cream of the cream of the society who are supposed to fight for those who are underprivileged?

Obviously, they have their own business to mind.

They are busy collecting their best season of top designers’ clothes. Oh well, even Malaysia is a tropical country, they just need to collect all the spring, summer, autumn, winter collection. Nothing is too much in this world. The more the merrier!

Or some busy speeding their brand-new Bugatti Veyron at 400 km/h on the freeway or maybe sipping Lafite.

Yes, I got to agree like someone told me; people work hard to be lazy. Yes, we earn to spend. The more we earn the more we can enjoy life.

Yes, we only our lives once, we need all these luxuries to pamper ourselves. However, how many days can we spend basking in all these?

Don’t we want to spend our days doing something more constructive such as utilizing our talent for something more significant?

I mean if we are not doing anything for the society, what more can you ask from those who are less fortunate.

Doesn’t everyone deserve a fair and equal treatment regardless of how rich or poor we may seem?

We fight for what is right? Some argue things that we are fighting for are not worth the time and money. Plus, with the country’s policies and all, why blow the horn to the buffalo? Racial segregation and marginalization is a never ending mania. It drives us nuts. It’s our color and creed that makes all the difference.

However, what’s the point of having some moronic-corruptible ministers yelling about consumers’ rights or implementing waste separation and yet people are less bothered and having a ‘Tidak-apa’ attitude?

Oh well, I don’t know anymore.

Good day people!

Ps : Camp is on the 20th. Saddening news.