I’m not sure how our brain works sometimes.

Like my granny, as she grows older, it’s inevitable that her machine starts to slow down, spare parts become disobedient and her posture and structure becomes weaker.

As her loved ones, you’ll somehow feel helpless because you can’t share her suffering and the torment that she’s going through. This sting is like a pierce on your skin. You can’t explain it.

On the other hand, both my dad and grandpa have a different way to manipulate the sign of aging. Instead of whining and grumbling about their grief and sorrow, they swallow it silently. They do not moan or linger in self pity. They see everything as part of life. I mean what’s the point of allowing your dear ones worrying about your well being when they can’t do anything about it. Of course, they might feel sorry you, but that isn’t exactly the purpose of sharing.

Why bother them with your problems when you know they can’t do anything to better it?

Why bombard them with more anxiety when you know they are unable to help?

Undeniably, family members should stand by one another through good and bad.

However, we are also responsible to ensure our family’s happiness.