My Mates

At this point now, I need to go over things which had happened for the past few months. Gosh, it’s magical to see how rapid things went by in the blink of an eye. Like some bloody wizard had accidentally cast a wrong spell on the time machine.

Alakazam… alakazam… pooooofffffff….

With heavy a heart, I’ll be officially moving out from my hostel in Centrepoint in a week time. I do cherish this place. One and half year of stay is not a long period, but here is where I harvest and reap my knowledge.

I was alone in my twin unit for almost 7 months until last month, after my semester break, I met my new Sudanian roommate with her mother, Tuta.

One of the climaxes was, merely 2 days of stay with both of them, I was staggered. I was totally taken back at their cleanliness and loudness.

Okay, let me justify.

Firstly, they welcomed my arrival by sleeping on my bed.

Secondly, they used my study table and left crumbs and dirt on it, not mentioning the leftovers and stain on my table, utterly speechless.

It’s their culture to wear shoes and slippers at home back in Sudan. It’s considered impolite if you remove your shoes particularly when one’s house is furnished with carpet and rug. Hence, they are glad when you dirty them. So, they did it here in my room (oh, I mean in our room) even though it has a tiled floor.

Oh, not forgetting they completely broke the toilet seat which was a little flimsy earlier in less than a week. I’m not sure if this is their culture as well.

I wasn’t afraid of living with a total stranger even they are from a different continent. However, their lack of hygiene consciousness was intolerable. I mean the untidiness is hard to bear, what more speaking loud Arabic.

Tuta : %$^%#&^@*^#*(@!^$#(*!)#!)@&#(*!%#!&#&!^#*&!.TAXI,@@~!~%~^&~^*~^*~&

Tuta’s Mother : &@#%!@#^*!@%#!&%#(*@!^#*(!@%##&%^#%#,TESCO*^&%&^*(&^

Me : (Oh C’mon shut &%^#%$&^*@&(* please, I’m studying)

Thank God, she has gone for good, to a single unit.

Yes. It’s the experience that counts – three roommates, Chinese, Malay and Sudanian and still counting.


Yeah. I do have an Iranian housemate as well. She’s a beauty named Parisa who’s learning English. Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll go to her for a chat. It’s quite difficult at times and we have to make use of sign language. She speaks beautiful Persian.

One fine day…

(She was pointing at the window)

Parisa : Michelle, animals come in?

(It’s three stories up, animals?)

Me : No animal. They can’t climb up. It’s high. Birds?

Parisa : Yes.

Me : No birds too. Not in my room.

(She was unconvinced)

Parisa : No small birds?

(Puzzled and thinking hard…)

Me : Mosquito????

Parisa : Yes!!!

I wonder how people can survive without English.

I’m so going to miss them.

Good night people.