My Moments and Memories

There are so many things I wanted to share, and the best part is, I have no internet connection at home. It is really unbelievable in an effective and modern country like Germany, where people like to go ‘ZAG ZAG ZAG’. I mean if the Germans are so particular about their time management and efficiency in services, I beg to differ.

Here are my moments and memories for the past two months in Germany.

Only pictures can sum and describe it all.

The Kölner Dom (Cathedral), a famous landmark in Cologne, Here is the place I’ll be residing for the next 5 months.

Our tiny apartment.

Our Classroom

Herr Lambert, our German lecturer back in Malaysia.

Chocolate Museum. Andries is by far the best travelling companion I’ve had in Germany.
Fizzie and Mark.

Susanna is Andries’s Hostmother. They have a huge house and I came over to borrow some Karneval’s Costume.

Charlotte, Andries’s Hostsister. She’s 18. We went to her school to see a play.

Alaaf!! Cologne’s has the biggest winter Carneval in Germany.

People dance, drink, sing, drink and drink on the street!

My room.

Our trip to Stuttgart and Heidelberg by IC.

Stuttgart Fleamarket.

Night view from the TV tower.

Mercedes Museum.

After a month (exactly on the 10th of February) in Germany, I’ve already visited their hospital. I had a silly accident in Heidelberg where my knee snapped. I also had my first ever surgery in Germany. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and 3 days on wheelchair.

My little surprises on Valentine’s. A get well soon card as well.

We were at Andries’s Birthday dinner. Kara from Aussie. Those at the right end corner are my red crutches.

Susanna invited us for dinner.

My church friends, Ben, Parastu and Lukas. We cooked chinese food for Andries’s Birthday and Farewell party. We cooked those. Awesome?

Our McD session after church with Lukas.

James Blunt World Tour Concert at Koelnarena.

Easter in Paris.

On our way up to Eiffel.

From Eiffel.

Nightview from Eiffel.

Bottom of Eiffel.

Louvre’s Park.

Louvre Museum.

For the first time, it snowed in Cologne.

More descriptions on the next post.

Till then,


Summer swing

I just love summer.

The sun ushers in the new day with full enthusiasm, simply the perfect idea of bliss.

Lying on a sunny park along the Rhine, reading a good book, feeling the breeze, enjoying the care freeness and listening to the sound of nature are the best luxuries I can trade for anything.

If only I could have more time.

Sometimes at one point of our life, we´re just so tired of making decisions. From the moment we step into a new day, we have to decide. We have to decide whether to get out of or to snuggle back into the comfort zone. We have to decide what color of panties to wear, what clothes to wear. Mind you, the color and style of our attire that we pick affects the mood and the confidence for the rest of the day. Next, we have to decide what to cook and eat for breakfast and also lunch.

In short, we have to plan and make our mind up on what, how, where, with who and why are we doing for the entire day.

Bloody tedious.

These are all simple choices that we have to make in order to run and lead our daily life.

However, it´s no longer choosing between apple or orange or taking a U-Bahn or S-Bahn, when it comes to choosing a right career, choosing a suitable university, choosing a right course or choosing a lifetime partner.

It requires more careful consideration and weighing up the pros and cons. The process on how we make the decision and the conclusion of it reflects our level of maturity.

I´m just wondering what is level my maturity right now.

Have a nice day people!


When I say love, I do not only mean the kind where two people are locking lips and coming up for air every ten minutes or so. I am talking about the kind of love that embraces everyone who has a presence in our lives. The kind of love I am talking about extends throughout our circle of life, touching family, friends and co workers.

Defining what love is has been the work of poets and philosophers throughout time but, it’s our job too. It is something we all know when we feel it but words simply are not adequate enough to define it. Love is so many things, a feeling, an intention, and a thank you. It is compassionate, it is generous, it is funny, it is serious, it breaks our hearts and yet it heals all things. Love is expressed in a trillion ways, it is found in a smile, blowing a kiss, a wink, a song, a poem, a word, or even a batch of chocolate chip cookies. There is so much to say about love but the heart of the matter is, we all want to be loved and we all want to love.

There are so many ways to say, I love you. Be a mentor. Teach someone to read. Sit a while with someone who is lonely. Volunteer. Serve food at a shelter. Make art with kids. Compliment someone. Listen to what someone has to say. Visit a friend who is sick. Waive to the women sitting in the window at a nursing home. Tell someone we are thinking about them. Be a role model. Lend a hand at the local Red Cross society. Use our money generously. Walk for what we believe in—peace and life. For instance, go to Africa as we can best tend to and take care of orphaned children who are affected by HIV and AIDS. Comfort someone when they are sad. Walk our neighbor’s dog. Participate in a food drive and church activities. Bake or buy something from a bake sale. Donate the clothes we do not wear from our closet and we will have loved with all of our heart.