My Moments and Memories

There are so many things I wanted to share, and the best part is, I have no internet connection at home. It is really unbelievable in an effective and modern country like Germany, where people like to go ‘ZAG ZAG ZAG’. I mean if the Germans are so particular about their time management and efficiency in services, I beg to differ.

Here are my moments and memories for the past two months in Germany.

Only pictures can sum and describe it all.

The Kölner Dom (Cathedral), a famous landmark in Cologne, Here is the place I’ll be residing for the next 5 months.

Our tiny apartment.

Our Classroom

Herr Lambert, our German lecturer back in Malaysia.

Chocolate Museum. Andries is by far the best travelling companion I’ve had in Germany.
Fizzie and Mark.

Susanna is Andries’s Hostmother. They have a huge house and I came over to borrow some Karneval’s Costume.

Charlotte, Andries’s Hostsister. She’s 18. We went to her school to see a play.

Alaaf!! Cologne’s has the biggest winter Carneval in Germany.

People dance, drink, sing, drink and drink on the street!

My room.

Our trip to Stuttgart and Heidelberg by IC.

Stuttgart Fleamarket.

Night view from the TV tower.

Mercedes Museum.

After a month (exactly on the 10th of February) in Germany, I’ve already visited their hospital. I had a silly accident in Heidelberg where my knee snapped. I also had my first ever surgery in Germany. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and 3 days on wheelchair.

My little surprises on Valentine’s. A get well soon card as well.

We were at Andries’s Birthday dinner. Kara from Aussie. Those at the right end corner are my red crutches.

Susanna invited us for dinner.

My church friends, Ben, Parastu and Lukas. We cooked chinese food for Andries’s Birthday and Farewell party. We cooked those. Awesome?

Our McD session after church with Lukas.

James Blunt World Tour Concert at Koelnarena.

Easter in Paris.

On our way up to Eiffel.

From Eiffel.

Nightview from Eiffel.

Bottom of Eiffel.

Louvre’s Park.

Louvre Museum.

For the first time, it snowed in Cologne.

More descriptions on the next post.

Till then,