Sue me if you don´t like hear it.

I’m going to be part of the city, Hamburg! Well, of course it´s nothing oh-so-biggie-crap to be brag about. It´s the excitement that actually got me all hyped up. For the past two months of my so-called internship or practical which I´ve had worked my ass off, I totally deserve a cheer! And don´ t even let me start on describing this fantastic company I worked with. Historically, I´ve never had been so physically washed out, never. Let me repeat, never, never in my entire life.

I guess generally people just like to hear bad news of other people. In fact, the worse, the better. It gives them a huge sense of satisfaction. As though it is a wake-up call to remind them, oh I have such a wonderful and blessed life you know. There are people out there fighting and battling for their lives.

Let me shed the light.

The only reason I could think of that had stopped me from updating my blog is that I do not want to give people the idea that I´m leading such a fantastic life here. You know, tasting sun-sweet berries, sipping Martini and partying till my pants off. In fact, there´s nothing oh-so-bloody-great to yap around.

On the other note, whenever I want to pour out my dissatisfaction or start grumbling, I´ll start to ponder, have I not learned anything for the past 8 months? Or am I just being a weakling or a fragile daddy´s little girl who is dying to root around for sympathy? Whatever it is, I just can´t find anything decent to post bout. It´s like a blockage. The echoes of little voices is humming and spinning around my head. You´ll think of whatever excuse you could find to not write.

Blogging is supposed to be our mental outpour and escapism or confession of the reality.

It is our way to convey our thoughts and experience so that one day we would have the evidence to prove our metamorphosis.

Yes, I’m going to undo my lost time.

Gosh. I got bloody sidetracked.

I’m supposed to be merry and jolly to talk about Hamburg.

But here is the catch, I’m not sure if my decision to study in a big city like Hamburg is the right one. Not only have I chosen to study 10 thousand kilometers away from home, I’ve also decided to be 500 kilometers away from my boyfriend. Of course I can’t foresee what’s in store for me. Oh c’mon I’m only 20. God willing, If I’m healthy enough to live till I’m 80, I’ve had led a quarter of my life, and still counting. Certainly the culture diversity and variety of entertainment offered in a big city is one of underlying reasons I chose to study here.

Let’s pray that I made a wise choice. I really do.

Have a nice day people!