my love

As Christmas approaches, the excitement and thrill intensify.

It´s going to be my first white Christmas, ever.

And to top it off, my eager anticipation for my sisters’ arrival is giving me butterflies.

To be exact, my feelings now could be defined like, as though when you hit the peak of zero velocity where everything around you starts to freeze in nano seconds as you are merrily trampolining and fall and rise and rise and fall. And multiply that by 100 times. The blissful contentment and joy is simply indescribable.

I had such a wonderful catch up session with oh-so-magnetic Mr Khoo Hau Wei and oh-so-full-with-TLC Miss Sree Umaa Gayathree yesterday.

I miss them so so so so freaking much.

Talking to Hau Wei always gives me a slight tingly sensation like those days back in high school, the comforting and yet briskly tone.

Oh how I miss them.

Nevertheless, Sree Umaa Gayathree has the most pure and angelic voice, ever. She seriously channeled assurance, relief and motivation into me, just like that. I think I could never ever find a friend like her, never.

Life here is totally the other side of the story; your circle of friends comes and goes, they enter your heart and leave traces of their existence and disappear without saying goodbye. You´ll never know if you really matter to them.

The fact that I´m here alone by myself makes me treasure friendship more.

I despise the art of superficiality.

I mean,

Where is the genuineness and openness?

Where is the transparency and thoughtfulness?

I hate to say this, but why a true boy-and-girl friendship doesn´t exist in a real world?

C´mon you can´t deny that opposites attract, right?

Or the mutual feelings just develop naturally?

Share the love people, why hold back and suppress your true and loving emotion. Our uniqueness is what makes humankind stood up from the animal kingdom, right?

We simply have emotions.

There´s no explanation, it´s simply an expression.

An expression of your body language and gestures.

It´s complex but yet heartening.

It´s bitter but yet sweet.

It´s vague but yet convincing.

It´s a whole blend and fusion of uncertainties hope and desire.