New Obsession

I turned twenty one 2 months ago. For many Asians’ tradition, it is THE day.

Well, it is THE time to throw the biggest birthday bash, ever, with lots of presents, friends, parties, cakes and surprises.

To the contrary, mine was nothing special. (Ok, I did pierce my nose, donated blood, receive presents, and was invited to worship-turned-up rock concert).

Again, I’m not complaining. And to my surprise, my boyfriend actually bought me present even in his current condition. Okay, it was a month late. It arrived to my place in a huge box (as huge as me, I kid you not). I was blushing when the deliverer handed it over. “This must be a mistake”, I muttered.

I knew I would fall in love the moment I unwrap it, both with him and it.

This is how I started my new hobby, playing I mean learning how to play guitar.

It’s real fun. My soft fingertips sore at the beginning, and still. I’m slowly picking up, taking baby steps.

Jonathan is very encouraging. Though he feel sorry that he couldn’t be there to teach and guide me, but his words never fail me.

But hey, at least in the future I can proudly admit that I learn how to play a guitar when I was 21.

Have a nice day people!