My boyfriend is long-winded.

He has been constantly nagging me to study.

Funnily, this is the last thing that my parents will be worried about since I was young. They will never check on me or my school work. In fact, I can only recall, them asking me to stop studying. Yes, a nerd I am.

But recently he has been acting like a gran.


He’s trying to guilt-trip me into not enjoying MY lovely weekend at home.

Probably he feels guilty that I spent almost all my weekends with him ever since the beginning of my semester, in the hospital or running errands for him.

I have exactly a month to my finals, 7 papers in two weeks. My focus is diverted or switched more likely.

He’s one of the most supportive and loving souls I’ve ever had in my life. He cares and does not judge. His patience and coolness is admirable. I have been privileged to be with him.

The Sunday service today hit every single details revolving around me recently.

He said “Worrying is an Insult to God!”

“Why Worry?”

He added “Look around and you’ll be distressed. Look inside and you’ll be depressed. Look at Jesus and you’ll be at rest”

Something short and sweet but the message got across immediately.

Have a nice day people!